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Ore : 9:24 PM

He's in earnest, he's wonky, and he's dorkier than Milhouse.

And he's going to be
our next governor. Get used to it, bipeds.

I'm getting my Phil!

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Comments for Say Hello
Don't hate me, but I think he's kind of hot. I'd hit it.


Everybody saw that coming, you dirty tramp.

Yeah, he's kind of like a not-as-cute-as Eugene Levy.

What was that Jerri Blank line? "Greeks are just Jews without money."

Although Phil's war chest, as opposed to "fiscal conservative" Schwarzenegger's, is pretty damn flush...


Chuckles, you are an agressive boy! Now put on your fancypants, go down to Galleria and call it a day, baby love.

Galleria, what the hell is that?

All I was saying is that any time anyone posts a picture, you're all , 'I'd hit that in a heartbeat.' Is life with the UC that unfulfilling? Damn, it must hurt to be him.

At least his mom thinks he's cool....

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