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Two stories that prove we're losing what's best about our country:


Goddamnit II (may she rest in peace).


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re: Goddamnit

re: Goddamnit II
I second that.

Godammit too

Check this shit out. Now that Alito is in they are trying to outlaw abortion on state levels.


Fascist pigs.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a multimillionaire out there somewhere who would underwrite underground, mobile guerilla family planning clinics, like in disguised vans or something? Cruising through Mississippi, offering prenatal care and abortion while keeping just one step ahead of the law and the fundamentalist vigilantes?

Fine. Let them end all abortion. Then we can reduce hospitals to clinics and triage centers for botched abortions like in the '60s. Then, everyone will be all over the issue of rising healthcare, limited care for other services and the next thing you know, it will be 1974 all over again.

Fucking idiots! If only they could realize all of this, we could avoid the circle jerk.

Goddamn those old white bastards from red states in Washington!

When I lived in Atlanta, I remember how awful wingnut radio was to the Coretta. One used to call her "Coretta Scott Cha-Ching" would tell her to "get a real job".

I hope they had they decency to STFU today.

I think I'll just bury my head in the sand. That's what all the red staters are doing and they get what they want.

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