Hey, That's Not MaryAnn...

Ore : 2:49 PM

"The first cut is the deepest," sez our ersatz Sheryl Crow, "that's why I'm keepin' my bitty bishop."

(Today's tragic tranny is for
Dex, who must be jonesin' right about now...)

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Comments for Hey, That's Not MaryAnn...
I am so not clicking on that picture.

i am

oh yeah - stick it in the vein...

Teh...(clears throat)

How in the heeelllllll do you get me to laugh at this shit? I'm a Catholic hetero for Christ's sake! I'm not supposed to be ROFLMAO right now! DAMN YOU!!!!

Awww fuck...peace be with ya bro!.

I'd hit that tranny too. S/he is kinda cute.

You'd hit anything. Pulse or no. I saw you at that so-called party yesterday. You were humping a door frame and trying to give it a reach around.

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