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There's nothing save emphasis that I can add that would make funnier the final three paragraphs of this story, in which Goss claims that disclosing the illegal wiretapping program damages Bush's political national security:

"I've called in the FBI, the Department of Justice. It is my aim and it is my hope that we will witness a grand jury investigation with reporters present, being asked to reveal who is leaking this information," he said.

Rockefeller suggested that the "leaks" Goss talked about most likely "came from the executive branch" of the government.

That brought a terse response from FBI Director Robert Mueller, who said, "It's not fair to point a finger as to the responsibility of the leak."

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They could save a lot of time by just responding to every question by saying, "I am sorry I cannot answer that question due to the fact that I am a complete dumbass. Also, as a further response to your questions we are all total cobagz!!!1!!1!!!!!1! 8U5H is L33T!"

No, see, that would be levelling with people, something simply not done in the realm of American politics.

You got me there.

SNL hasn't written material that funny since the early years.

aoskhjsm: alcoholism for the inebriated.

Id like to see one single gain from the illegal wire taps.


Frig that: I'd like to see the dang list of everyone who's been wiretapped.

Well, teh, that is why the list will never be released. It was limited to legit stuff, the appropriate members of the houses of congress would have seen it by now. The BUSH admin is fighting so hard to make this go away because they have something to hide. Not that you hadn't figured taht out or nothing. I just get going and, well, you know.

Don't you just hate people who fart and then blame it on the little girl standing next to them?

Exactly. He who smelled it usually dealt it.

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