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Perhaps our enemies abroad wouldn't be such a menace, and perhaps we wouldn't have to be scared of every Arab shadow, looking for terrorists under every bed and watching our collective testicles fall off every time someone mentions 9/11, if our Joint Chiefs of Staff were not
functionally illiterate.

If General Pace had more than two brain cells to rub together, he'd see that the cartoon is clearly mocking Rumsfeld's world-famous callousness, indifference and nastiness -- not those who, on top of their war wounds, are the victims of his venality.

But then, whoever needed accuracy in pursuit of a Regnery check?

Word of advice, Michelle: if you want to misrepresent someone's work, it helps not to showcase said work so that everyone can see what a nong you are. You should require people to click through five times, at least.

We put some humble pie down her feeding tube, but she couldn't keep it down...

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Comments for Manzanar Michelle's Latest Tempest In A Piss Pot
She is a dumb moron.

I miss Brian Beer Pong.

I never clicked through, never saw Brian's blog. What was the deal with that, anyway, other than him saying something un-PC and AG going "Ooh, ooh, chauvinist pig!!!"

rayufrry: Holy frijoles! Word verification knows Pop Ren!

I couldn't help it, Teh. I had to post a comment on the offending 'Blogmeister' page:

Some on the left will probably cry that the Joint Chiefs are trying to subvert the First Amendment rights of Toles and the Washington Post

Straw Man, anyone?

Methinks General Pace doth protest too much, but it is interesting to see the future defense contractor executive/Fox News 'war expert' put his loyally reactionary foot in his mouth. The cartoon is clearly not belittling wounded soldiers; it is taking a well-deserved shot at a civilian administration that has needlessly and callously sent thousands of soldiers off to be wounded in the manner depicted.
Pray tell: in the light of all those unnecessary deaths and dismemberments (not to mention those VA budget cuts, which Gen. Pace conspicuously avoided mentioning) is there no righteous indignation to spare for that administration?

wumlwvdo: Rumsfeld professing his undying love while fellating his master, Ol' Scratch.

Good call, CS -- you tha man.

Beer Pong was clearly a caricature about some dumb moron at a school who was getting ripped by a blog geek. All of the posts were about how awesome a beer pong player he was and how all babes want to pork winning beer pong players. It was really at all chauvanistic except for the 'babes', I guess.

How's this for a secret: I have been toying with the idea of trying to get a job with a Defcontractor. I could probably get it, wouldn't be involved with weapons or any thing that actively kills people. Yet I still feel like filing that in the NEVER column.

Chuckles: Go for it, mr. always a temp.

Bring down the system from the inside!

Forget the Race War!

Now with all this talk about offensive cartoons (
I think its about time the Cartoon Wars of the Early 21st Century began. :-)

Now there's a bunch of people that can't take a joke.

Glad I found your blog, ghreat stuff here. You've got a fresh wit.

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