New For Fall 2006: The Tinfoil Chapeau

Ore : 11:34 AM

"Scheduling conflict". How convenient.

If they think this is going to save their asses during the election, they can
think again.

Conservatarian Republitard sez: "Yes, a traitor, but the good kind, like Ollie North."

Bonus poll question:

Who would be most appropriate as Libby's
Fawn Hall?

a) K-Lo
b) Manzanar Michelle
c) Mann Coulter
d) Phyllis "Withered Quim" Schlafly
e) Kate "Sandpaper Snatch" O'Beirne
f) Condoleezza "Stinkeye" Rice
g) Robert Bork in drag

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Comments for New For Fall 2006: The Tinfoil Chapeau
i pick kate, simply cos all the wingnuts are screaming about how the "mean liberals" are smearing her hate book.

she is truly a musty cunt.

god i love cursing here.

Manzanar Michelle. For two reasons:

1: She wrote a book defending the infamous internments.
2: She would totally shred documents to protect the administration while being ass-fucked by Bush/Cheney/Libby/Rice/Any WH Intern.

Hell, she'd probably participate in an Bush/Cheney/Rice gang bang and use her one free foot to continue stuff papers in the shredder. Hell, she'd probably cram rolls of documents up her ass until she had to struggle to blow the party mascot, Zabu the Zombie Elephant.

Scooter Libby would totally be doing all those things right now if he wasn't all stretched out already.

popr: yeah, the bitch has problems. Namely, women who don't enjoy living as second-class citizens.

chuckles: I can see that. Especially because her gash goes sideways (not an Asian crack -- it's because she's the spawn of Satan, not normal human beings as we had previously been led to believe).

I'm going with Robert Bork in drag!

Hell I'd pay top dollar to see that!

Somehow, I just this feeling that Malkin is flow in to DC whenever anyone gets the urge. She is a temple prostitute. She just services the new priesthood of the Republican party to keep them virtuous.

mdjwb: what position is that?


(pxyntiq) (i loved those as a kid)

I haven't heard the term gash since college. The boys had a million words for the lace they wouldn't put their face.

Anyhoo, it's got to be K-Lo.
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