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Ore : 7:05 PM

21 - 10

Condolences, gentlemen.

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Comments for Ooh Snap
I actually felt sorry for the Seahawks in the end.

I didn't. I don't like either team.

Who's your team?

You put the what in the who now?

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Smarty: I'm a Niners fan who often cheers the Raiders.

Chuckles: I will put my penis in your mouth if it will shut you the fcuk up!!!!

When are the Niners going to be back? They used to be so good...

= (

the niners have a good shot in 2011.

i wanted the hawks to win. as a cowboys fan, i HATE the steelers. having said that, though, there's a lot to like about this steelers team.

What did I say?

Whys everybody gotta hate?

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