Shitty Team, But...

Ore : 5:00 PM

...Steeler's QB Roethlisberger can go ahead and JUST STICK IT THE HELL IN!!!

(Yeah I like 'em big & ugly & overrated -- so???)

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Comments for Shitty Team, But...

Hey teh!!! I got a job at MUNI !!!!
Woohoooo!!! Just had to share that with ya. My apologies for the superbowlus interruptus.

Woof. Picture him in his jockstrap.

Who is this guy?

I have been asked if I watched the game by four people so far this morning and I have no idea why they think I would care. What game are they talking about?

The Superbowl aka the nadir of American culture you philistine.

And that is Ben Roethlisberger, QB for the Steelers, and he is going to cornhole me roughly for hours.

teh called someone a philistine.

Hee, hee!

Given that he's only 23, he might be cornholing you for days. I'm more than willing to step in if you get tired...

oh lord - this i don't get. he's a cool dude, but FAR from hot. granted, if i were to have a type he definitely would not be it.

and truth be told: the only boy i've ever kissed was brett anderson from suede, on their first tour. MUCH more my type.

Did you get cooties?

nope, just looks of amazement from everyone around. especially since i was there with my girlfriend.

Didn't say I'd kiss him on the mouth.

He was just an introducer at the Grammy Awards... HOT.

Sweet. But no full frontal, I'm sure...

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