Republicans: Paragons of Good Taste

Ore : 8:18 AM

Lying, pig-stupid, evil dipshits, the whole lot of them. From professional idiot and freelance asshat Noel Sheppard of NewsBusters, a delicate-hothouse-flower-clutching-the-pearls act:

After National Review columnist Kate ["Sandpaper Snatch] O’Beirne injected some sanity [!!!] by stating the obvious, namely, that this was, indeed, a funeral, and that using this forum as a Democratic convention was in extraordinarily poor taste, Matthews actually asked [to his credit], "Was there something inaccurate in what they said, either he or Dr. Lowery?"

EXCUSE ME? What does that have to do with anything? This was a funeral, Chris. Did you miss that?

Yeah, Republicans are ones to talk about
poor taste. You can almost hear the manufactured spluttering.

IIRC, they tried to pull the same shit after Wellstone's funeral. Assholes.

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Comments for Republicans: Paragons of Good Taste

No argument here.

kate o'beirne needs to stop douching with vaseline.

But petroleum products are all that are safe to stick down there...

If I didn't have all my favorite reading material in my bathroom at home, I'd only ever shit on Newsbusters.

Periodically I need to take a brain dump and that site left me just the room. I am waiting for my coworker to leave the bathroom now and I have the happiest mental image in my head right now: squatting on that fucker's desk while he's out for lunch and leaving a huge, steaming, fibrous, smelly pile of turds all over his keyboard.

(For clarity's sake, I would only ever do this in my head or extremely drunk.)

Chuckles, you have my permission to spread your soil all over Noel.

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