Better Red Than Dead

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Pop , just because I can.

Besides, he's clearly desperate...

Ray in earlier, unhappier, unhealthier times

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and i was not a towhead as a child, it was a red-brown.

I can tell you that being a redhead has its advantages.

And, yes, I'm a straight woman but she's smoldering.

Her whole body just hangs off those cheekbones.

Fabulous bone structure.


What's your favourite Julianne Moore movie moment? I mean, where you think she looks the most beautiful?

Mine is the ambulance crash scene in Magnolia. It's the way her gorgeous hair turns and flows with the inertia of the tumbling ambulance. It's eerily graceful.

A close second: any of the love scenes she has with Ralph Fiennes in The End of the Affair.

Damn! I do so love redheads! Such feisty little creatures...taste like a fresh peach in the summer time.

MR: Honestly don't laugh but it's in The Shipping News when she's sitting next to Kevin Spacey at that picnic table outside and she's looking at him askance with that "you are so full of shit" expression on her face.

Elmo: durrrty!

That is the best picture I have seen of her in a long time.

I must agree with elmo on the reds.

I saw your biggest fan the other day in the minimart. He was this kid in a stroller holding an Elmo doll and saying, 'ELMO!' at everybody and shaking the doll at them. Then as he was leaving he said something that sounded like hasta banana to me.

i LIVE for redheads.


and if it's SHORT red hair, it's all over. i'm nothing more than a willing servant at that point.

I must use my red hair for good and not evil.

I must use my red hair for good and not evil.

I must use my red hair for good and not evil.

I must use my red hair for good and not evil.

It's about time I got to look at some girlie parts on teh's blog.

Well, since no one else has an opinion, I think that kid had shit on his finger before he put it into his mouth...and he liked the taste.

when i was a child and a girl was born with red hair she was drowned as a witch

Good thing fatrobot is from China.

uyonhip: The New Black!

"I must use my red hair for good and not evil."

As if you could help it.



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