No, You Don't *ALWAYS* Win...

Ore : 5:23 PM

One quick thing before blogger (ptooey) has its scheduled outage: ALERT RED: Colton Ford is mine and you cannot have him. Period.

My boyfriend and me...

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Comments for No, You Don't *ALWAYS* Win...
Oh don't pull your Loretta Lynn act on me, teh. ("You ain't woman enough to take my man" and all that biz...) I'll fight you for Colton. If anyone thought I was obsessed with Eric Bana, they obviously haven't seen the Colton Ford subfolder in the "My Pr0n" subfolder of my computer.

A taste:

I have those. Woops. I think I sent something similar to you -- Colton and his real bf.

So Colton and Blake are still together? You know, if we applied ourselves, we could break them up.

I will give you that neither of you are woman enough to take on that woman AND the late, great Nell Carter.

Shit, I just lost my lunch.

As long as I still get Mohammed.

Her legs look like two giant bananas.

And, um, yeah. He's hot.

Mmmm... Colton

You can do it, put your back into it...

I forgot to say one thing: always bet on red.

Back off of my Nell Carter, AG!

You most likley could "pay him for his company". If that's not an option you could produce your own movie that you couls "star in". Otherwise, sorry ladies, you have no chance.

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