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Ore : 11:19 AM

Imagine a fabulous, mysterious lumberjack sheathed in a cloud of smoke on a quest FJTC. That is the wonder of teh. It is almost unbeholdable. I mean you can try.

PP. Just to reiterate:

Our vigilance must never waver, bitches!

PS: Thanks to all the dirty birdies who sent me teh n4sss-T pr0n!

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Comments for Just Like Pinko Sez
mmm... baseball bolus...

oh and those aren't even the revealing pics. I think we got som'n som'n at the old Three B. I'll figure it out.

Hey Teh, how 'bout entering our header contest. You can give yourself a shoutout on the header and anything goes (but Geenie C. is judging so sly is better than full frontal)

I would but my image editing software is all gone -- my computer is teh br0k3n. Except for MS Paing. I got that.

Anyone else wonder why Pinko, a supposed straight man, has all the boy porn.


Teh, can we get a gaydar reading on that?

I find it amusing that Gaydar is ok, but making judgements about people is not.

Just because PP has delicate, fluttering hands does not mean he is teh g4y.

So, is that a low reading, teh?

It's not a judgement Chuckles. Some of us don't have a problem with differing lifestyles from our own. Rather, we encourage others to be whoever they are. We let them know it's OK and they don't have to be anything other than who they REALLY are for us. We try to assist in subtle, sometimes obvious ways. Do you have something you'd like to tell us?

Perhaps if you read a little more Ms. and Bitch magazine and less Maxium and Spin, you'd follow our lead a bit smoother.

We still love you and Evian, doll face.

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