Get Your Riot On

Ore : 3:44 PM

I will be very disappointed if Townhall and LGF do not take this opportunity to incite their knuckledragging readers to send death threats my way.

Blasphemy against Our Leader!

(Stolen shamelessly from

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Comments for Get Your Riot On
oh HELL yeah!

hehe, yea those Townhall folks will come after you like the villagers after Frankensteins monster. Pitchforks, torches.

I am hoping. Cross your fingers!

How can you even get their attention? We need some fireworks. Why not try 50 trackbacks to Malkin?

I'll do it.

I can't believe you tracked back to Malkin. Maybe you should throw up a Tragic Tranny™


You guys are soooo what's the word?- I want Misha to come over here and stomp ya with her 27 inch platties- yeah the ones with the fishtanks in the heels!!!!!!!!


I don't think Capt. Trollypants is related to me.

teh, I'm sorry my friend, but you just earned yourself a freedom fucker medal.

Breaking News: Elmo Farted in Capital Building

thats a fantastic cartoon.

i might have to steal it

Steal away!

LOC, dude!!! Tubthumper! Its like a fucking group hug.

pitchforks? Sounds shrekish.

Smarty, with the mouth on CT, trust me, if you share DNA, deny, deny, deny!

Someone said something about wanting to share DNA?

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