Better Than A Poke In The Eye...

Ore : 7:05 AM

No, not what you think, sickos. I once slept with this artsy boy from Köln who absolutely adored Mamie Van Doren, an affinity I pretty much rolled my eyes at (blanket excuse: I was 22 at the time). Yesterday I caught her mug in Tom Ford's mostly less-than-satisfying and occasionally head-scratching Hollywood portfolio (more on that later) in the new Vanity Fair. Now I think I understand why. And yes, she's much more than just tongue-in-cheek kitsch.

Light posting for a bit as my back is currently despising me for the very ill-advised act of pushing a car off a tow trolly...

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Comments for Better Than A Poke In The Eye...
her boobs could be a little more pointy

Yes, those are dull as pointy boobs go. She needs to sharpen them up.


gentlemen, gentlemen, please!

Was is Capt. Trollypants trolly?

I REALLY want pointies to come back into style. I would rock them so hard.

Quoting Mike of MST3K:

Now SHE juts. She enters a room before *she* enters a room.

She was on Fantasy Island.

I like that about her.

There is something nice about a girl you can feel up and still stay out of range of her smack.

Of course, only a total cobag would take advantage of that.

OK, Chuckles when you actually find a woman who let you make it to 2nd base, we'll be impressed.

OT: Teh, have you seen Gay Sex in the 70s? If so, what did you think? If not, do you plan to?

Gentlemen prefer blondes.

until one shows up, more brunettes please.

Blondes have more fun.

This is bullshit.

Brunettes know how to keep things on the dl.

When I think of Mamie Van Doren, I think--for better or for worse--about Canadian superdyke Carol Pope's lead vocal on "High School Confidential" by Rough Trade...

She's a cool, blonde, scheming bitch
She makes my body twitch
Walking down the corridor

You can hear her stiletto click
I want her so much I feel sick
The girl can't help it, she really can't help it now

It's like a high school, a high school confidential
A high school, a high school confidential

Teenage Brandos stop her in the halls
They tease her with catcalls
She's a combination of Anita Ekberg and Mamie Van Doren

Sorry about your back

AG: no, but with a title like that, I probably wouldn't mind...

MR: Thanks. And ouch.

I think UC and I are going to see it at The Coolidge this weekend. We'll let you know how it is.

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