The Puzzle of La Lohan

Ore : 9:51 AM

The breasts, if fake (which I don't believe), are an investment. Who knows how many times they've saved this dizzy bitch's life when she gets behind the wheel? Seriously, do you know? 'Cos I don't. Help me out here.

Simply put, like global warming or George W. Bush or the Drug War, one needs to have an opinion on Lindsay Lohan. You really can't hedge on it -- you can't pretend. But I've been putting this off for a while, as I really had no idea what to make of her.

My instincts lead me to like her. I mean, she's so clearly a troubled child. For one thing, her father is an evil dipshit, and good on her for putting his abusive ass in its place. That resonates with me. The girl boinked Bruce Willis for goodness' sakes -- where the hell did that come from, you know? Oh, and when the PR people, as if in negotiations, settle for a cover story of anorexia/bulimia, you just know the real problem was meth. No joke. And the music career has been, like, the most spectacular train wreck ever.

And during interviews, she seems so lovely. Yet I must add, and stress, calculatedly lovely. She may very well be a sociopath. But if so, she's a successful one -- one who has stolen my heart.

How about you?

Yeah, girl, I feel you.

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Comments for The Puzzle of La Lohan
Dude, the only reason you like her is that you're blessed by never having to deal with those girls in the het-dating milieu.

As with Semiotext(e), there ought to be a sobriquet, 'Sociopath(e)' -- although it's true that the sex is good with the crazy ones.

What is the second picture?

gavin: true dat: I tend to sympathize with the girls over the guys anyway. You're all scum. They're all queens.

Love my kneejerk feminaziism?

chuckles: If I'm not mistaken, and I usually am, that's a 40 oz. of Thunderbird she's chucking at a paparazzi...

T-Bird is a fortified wine. I've only seen it in pint & 1/2 pint size bottles. That looks to me to be an aerosol can. Mabye she's huffing, too! I also would suspect cocaine before meth. Rich people prefer coke to meth. Meth isn't considered a "good way to stay up all night and dance" drug- It's considered "trailer parky." No offence if you like meth a lot.

I think I can see her nipple in that top picture.

Gavin is only saying that because she likes me and not him.

Just because Butchie's comment needs a reply: No, I pointedly do not like meth. I think it's a horrible, evil drug, and I've seen it destroy too many people that I used to care about.

But you know what? La Lohan is most definitely trailer parky in her own way...

You are the only sociopath who ever stole this heart.

If anyone needs a description wf why meth is bad, rather than driving through Willits, CA, stop for the night.

I lived there some years ago and meth was king then too.

mdhatter: Oh. Em. Gee. Like, seriously though, on the frickin' nose.

Uglier than Dunsmuir. For realz.

She's throwing a container of Armor-all wipes.

::yawn:: I'm off to bed now.

My brother was hired help who took her to last years Brit Comedy awards and some other shit whilst she was over here doing some publicity.

We all didn't have a fuggin clue who she was and still don't!

Oh she boinked Christian Slater too didn't she?

my validation was ujjad I so wanted jihad

There is more girl T and A over here these days then RoD. Has the world gone mad?

Can I get an AMEN?

Yes to all.

I've never seen one of her movies. However, since she is going to be in A Prairie Home Companion with Meryl Streep, that will change. Mean Girls looked like fun... maybe I'll rent it. Gotta support teh redheads...

But nobody has an opinion on the Drug War anymore. Didn't you hear? 9-11 changed everything, especially giving a toss about the millions rotting in prison for victimless crimes.

Anyway, who needs some bulimic 17-year-old hanging around, whining about Hillary Duff all the time and asking you if her size 1 ass is too fat?

Then that unfunny Tina Fey cobag comes over and does your last rail ...

I'd rather be forced to repeatedly watch "It's Pat: The Movie" eyelids pried open Clockwork Orange-style.

MR, she looks really jailbait-a-licious in mean girls (but then everybody in that movie did)

but she went from that to a drugged out pop star in competition with hillary duff in no time flat.

showbidness really changes lives doesn't it?

bopxwhp: the probable name of LL's new album

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