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So some folks on the right are in high dudgeon (surprise!), this time because, as they see it, folks on the left are just too damn silent on this whole cartoon issue.

Hypocrisy? Who knows! Who can fathom why other crazy moonbats do and say what they do, except that I'm sure that they are sure that their every move is calculated to demolish Western Civ as we know it.

No: far be it from me to speak for other leftists. All I can do is disavow my mealy-mouthed brethren, and proudly proclaim my heretofore secret allegiance to the dark principles of Splodeydope Islamofascism. To quote my beloved teacher Khalid Al-Gebra, no less than one of Osama bin Laden's myriad Number 2s according to Bush's PR team, "Dirka Dirka Mohammed Jihad! Dirka Sharia! Allahu Akbar! Dirka Dirka!!" Which, near as I can translate (I don't speak Arabickernese) means something along the lines of "wash my feet you filthy catamite if we were in my country you would have been stoned to death at 16," or something like that.

It's funny because it's true! LOLOMFG I 4m teh pWn3d!!1!!1

You may ask, "Why he treat you like he do when he such a good man?" But whatever -- I'm a leftist! I have no sense! I just love him is all.

Which is why words cannot describe how thrilled I was to read

A top Taliban commander has offered a reward of 100 kilograms of gold to anyone who kills the person responsible for "blasphemous" cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed, the Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) has reported.

How marvelous! I was sure that the pious fundamentalists of the Taliban, the Godly Afghani regime which had so kindly sheltered and supported my beloved teacher and his superior, had been completely rooted out by the evil imperialist West. I mean, George W., hubristic yet mighty
Cowboy Crusader of the prophet Jesus (PBUH), had vowed, had he not, to avenge the completely unforseen and therefore unpreventable attacks of 9/11 by taking the fight to Afghanistan and not giving up until that country was another Lebanon or, even more horrific, another UAE? So what happened?

Dunno. Maybe he got
distracted. I mean, brown people, you know? They all look the same...

I'm sorry, were we talking about

Allahu Akbar, bitchez.

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Uuuhh, dirka dirka?

Well that's what it sounded like, at any rate...


Who's the funniest cartoonest: Cox & Forkum, Scott Stantis, Bruce Tinsley or Mike Shelton?

That's a trick question, of course. It's a scoreless tie.

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