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DP World: You should be lookin' sour, Lady Liberty, yer gettin' it in both holes! YEE-HAW!

Just to be clear, I think we on the left don't need to be worried about racist taint from the right just because on this we happen to agree. And, in this atmosphere of bipartisan gawking at yet another example of Uncurious George's dipshittitude, any charges of racism lobbed at the left may be scornfully shrugged off as straw-grasping by Dubya apologists.

I for one have no problem with a Muslim company -- a corporation whose leadership and ownership just happens to be Arab or Persian or what have you -- getting this contract. But that's not what this is. This is about a port security contract being awarded to a company owned and run by a foreign government with documented ties to terrorist organizations that include al Qaeda.

This isn't pulling someone from the line at the boarding gate just for the crime of being brown; this is pulling from that line the guy who's on the no-fly list and whose mugshot may be seen among those of the FBI's Most Wanted. It's really a no-brainer.

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Actually, I think what this is about, is keeping people from talking about real issues like Cheney's involvement in the spy affair and the financial mess in Iraq. Who knows whether Bush really wants to outsource the port security or like the hunting accident it's just another opportunity to keep people from talking about the real issues. That's why they keep bringing up gay marriage, to divert attention. I'm not so sure this is any different. Just a thought.

Why the hell aren't American ports being run by fucking Americans? That just seems like a no-brainer and I'm not any happier that these were being run by the Brits before this whole issue of the UAE came up.

I'd normally say "never interrupt your enemy while he's making a mistake." But..err..scratches head...SOMEBODY HAS TO SLAP THE DIP-SHIT!

I think the danger of the UAE and their ties to terrorism is overstated. Most of the 9-11 accusations are derived from claims of money laundering which is a bit unfair. Its unreasonable to think that money for the plot wouldn't pass through the UAE as Dubai is the banking center of the Middle East. A lot of bad money goes through Swiss banks, including a lot of money for terrorism but I don't think anyone would advocate breaking off trade with Switzerland because their banks are "exceptionally discreet."

This is a business transaction, it should be reviewed like any other involving sensitive areas such as ports, but if this bothers us so much then we should also stop all Emirates Airlines flights from coming into JFK, which they do several times a day.

i am a spy

i am a pirate

I am an ass-pirate

"Who knows whether Bush really wants to outsource the port security or like the hunting accident it's just another opportunity to keep people from talking about the real issues."

Now there is a new anecdote about taking one for the team. Whittington was shot in the face to divert attention. Awesome. I so fervently hope that were true, as it would be an accurate depiction of the depths at which Cheney resides.

I have to side with t3h here.

I don't live in America, but this deal would make me very nervous. I don't trust people with old business ties to terrorists, like Bush for instance.

I actually almost get to "tinfoil hat" levels of suspicion on this thing.

Namely, that this whole exercise allows R's to demonstrate bold forthright leadership and independence from GW. He threatens veto, they won't be stopped, now go tell your constituents how you're no patsy but the Ds are sure sissies who wouldn't have done anything without us.

But I think I may have finally hit a google* on the vast number of ways for us to get screwed.

*the old ridiculously large number version of the word

iscclamr - The constant hissing and noise from the right (signifying nothing)

Oh BRAVO sir! BRAVO! That is quite the sneakage you have committed there. Slipping Shakespeare into such a discussion. You are clearly a liberal northeastern elitist and thus trash.

vwvnc: The new automobile company from Yosef.

Steve S is almost on it, and I think fulsome may pretty much have it.

Anyway, elemental, overstated by whose standards? I mean, the UAE's ties to terrorists and international criminals are far more demonstrable and damning than anything Saddam (admittedly a class-A jackass, but still) was guilty of, yet we went to war with the latter. Really.

tfklaqhh: Lovecraftian life insurance.

Well overstated in that when people say the money for 9-11 was funneled through the UAE, I have to say, so what? Dubai is the banking center of the Middle East and a major crossroad between Asia and Europe - lots of diry money goes through banks. As much as 50% of the dirty money in the world goes through US banks.

As far as 2 of the hijackers being from the UAE - again, in what sense is that an indictment of the DPW or the Emirati? Terrorists are coming from everywhere these days, London, Morrocco, Ohio, etc.. I don't think we can hold entire governments accountable for the actions of individual citizens.

Its been said the 9-11 attacks were planned in the UAE, actually they were planned in Hamburg.

George Tenent said the UAE "Royal Family" was meeting with bin Laden. There are 7 Royal Families, one for each Emirate. The last Emir of Dubai was very sick when this was said to have happened, its unlikely or impossible that he was off in the Afghan/Pakistan border (he's now dead and his even more liberal kids are running the show). In any case, the Taliban was also visiting Crawford just before 9-11. That someone from the UAE met with bin Laden is troubling but not unreasonable nor an indictment of a terrorist conspiracy.

I'm not trying to downplay or dismiss concerns. What I do see from many liberals and Democrats, though none here, is that they are using fear in the same way that Bush and neo-cons have been using it for the last 5 years. When we start acting like Michelle Malkin we're doing something wrong.

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