Enemy of Our State #1

Ore : 10:47 AM

Fraud?  What fraud?
"Hi, I'm Bruce McPherson, California's Secretary of State, as well as an award-winning crooked jackass"

The suggestion is out there already to call, e-mail, and write to your state senator (altho' I'm not expecting much from good ol' Wally Herger, but still...)

I would go one beyond that: not nearly enough attention has been paid by the local media to the
sudden and inexcusable re-certification of Diebold's touch-screen machines by Crooked McPherson. More light needs to be shined on this, and that means your local reporters need to be making this a priority-one story. So call your local broadcasters and demand attention be given this frightening development. If necessary, threaten to go to their local advertisers, and promise to stop patronizing them if they refuse to run with this story.

Harsh, I know, but necessary.

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Comments for Enemy of Our State #1
I don't much care for those new, fancy machines.

I like the old-fashioned lever ones because they remind me of the one on Schoolhouse Rock.

Optical Scanners BABY!!!1!

how cute, you actually think you still live in a representative democracy! must be the california air.

gsngpraf: the newest in the line of vote-stealing machines from diebold

One of my jobs in SF in 2002 was a temp job with the...you guessed it...the San Francisco Department/Board of Elections! If any of you want to hear the full story, I'll post it after lunch EST. It is pretty long...

chmezx: This one isn't too hard.

Do it Chuckles, do it!

What a scam-a-matic! That is so lame. Lame! I'd write a Senator but you know my boys, Kennedy and Kerry really don't give a shit about CA. We got our own problems, i.e. Mitt the Twitt! :)

Aren't there any other companies besides Diebushbold in this country? How come it's always Diebold? Some one grant them a monopoly?

I heart ChoicePoint.

(just kidding)

If we use the Diebold machines, how will we make our fingers purple?

By jamming them into the screens trying to get the Hellspawned voting machines to register the correct vote. That is why I always vote with my penis. It is already purple-headed, so I figure it knows what to do and how to do it right.

(that's what SHE said!)

considering that most americans are too lazy to do it, maybe we could outsource voting

Good point MD! Perhaps to the UAE?

Yes...I believe you have a point...

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