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Comments for Alternate Yahoo! News Headlines
Once again, Victor Davis Hanson is Wrong Wrong Wrong.

He really belongs in the pantheon of other delusional, power-mad, three-named Americans who've caused this country intense pain -- Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, Mark David Chapman, and, of course, John David Stutts.

When are cable news producers finally going to realize that VDH has been wrong on every single point he's tried to make?

when VDH stops blowing them, obviously teh.

kerqa: the new country that VDH wants the US to invade and which he also just made up.

"Of Vintage Desserts and Gerbils"
I love!

"S.D. Gov. Supports Rapists', Incestuous Dads' Rights"
I'm afraid... very afraid...
And people from the US midwest get upset when it's referred to as "flyover America." It's because anyone with a social conscience is friggin' afraid to stop!

It's true... But then, they were even trying to push the parental consent for abortion thing IN CALIFORNIA!!!

Thankfully it got shut down. I referred to it as the "inciting the violently abusive dads to murder" proposition.

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