I Have A Date

Ore : 10:14 PM

Gotz mah degree from Freak U
I need a real man who won't deny my baby

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Comments for I Have A Date
HELL FUCKING YEAH! That fucker's got a big black heat-seeking missle targeted on your sweet, pink buttmeat. Rock his fucking world, man!

That's why they call me stallion!

I just had to look at that picture again. That guy is the fucking shit. I bet he's packing a fucking beer can. Fuck.

Sekshural heeeelin'!

I just lurve how he has: a) The face of a tranny thug, b) The hair of Chilli from TLC, and c) The body of my old neighbor Lawrence, the mechanic.

Y'all be hella jealous now, I bet.

Suddenly I'm reminded of Chef from South Park singing "Simultaneous Lovin' Baby."

He does have some "soul-glow" going on. Pressed & permed- soft yet firm- Big dick daddy from Cincinatti

I thought we agreed that you could take the picture but *NOT* share it.

I'm upset with you.

ooh, mr, I'd give him up for you in a second, bay-bee.

george: don't worry: it can only raise up your cred.

"It's you
and me
and her
Si-mul-ta-ne-ous lovin' baby!"

I drank red wine tonight. My toothpaste spit was black.

is that his real hair? i'm serious.

I'd ask you where you found this picture, but a part of me is not sure it ever wants to know where such jpgs are siloed . . .

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