Maybe They Think It's A Board Game

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Wait, Jonah G., does this mean you rolled above or below the attack value?

Where does this Bushista notion that "we draw all the terrorists into Iraq, mow down as many as possible, and then we've pretty much licked the problem" come from (no link today, as I've shunted more than enough traffic at The Corner for one month)? I mean, where does their inability to think in general come from? Just what is their fucking malfunction?

Let's for the sake of conversation (as we so often must in response to conservatarian memes) put aside ethical concerns -- the moral dubiousness of turning a more-or-less stable country in which al Qaeda was not operative into a hotbed of terrorism, as well as the pure immorality of torture, period -- and look at it from a more utilitarian perspective: committing to that "strategy," like it or not, creates more terrorists.

And when the U.S. is doing stuff like
this, you only create even more. If torturing innocent people until they die, broken, bloodied, and mangled -- "pulpified" -- isn't incentive enough to enroll in IED-crafting classes, I don't know what is.

If that's going to be your fate anyway -- the life draining out of your shattered body as you hang from chains in
Specialist Goober "Screw" McChickenpuller's favorite cell, all for the crime of simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time -- wouldn't you figure you may as well join some armed resistance, if only to get your licks in while you can? I'm pretty sure that's how I'd feel...

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I think it's indicative of a more telling phenomena, the complete lack of any sort of empathy or understanding on the far right.

They seem to simply fail to (or refuse to) understand the plight of a working single mother, trying to make ends meet, or the struggling student in need of government support, and ultimately fail to understand the possible motivations of a man who could transform himself into a bomb, preferring instead to write it off as the work of "crazies" or brainwashed cultists. They don't want or understand movies that "humanize" gays or terrorists, because to them, these people aren't human beings. Not in any way they can understand anyway, and that's all that counts.

They even take these views to their most extreme: "Can't afford to get pregnant and carry to term and raise a child? Don't fuck." "These people are trying to kill us which is why we must kill them first" etc.

It shows in nearly every one of their "personal responsibility" arguments and festers deep in every domestic spending cut they pass in favour of more death.

Some of these people are quite simply useful, tolerated sociopaths as far as I can figure.

I blogged on this story too, just terrible.

timmah, I believe the phrase is "people who were born on third base but think they've hit life's triple."

teh, this shit is so disturbing it's just impossible to comment on. But of course, here I go. The idea that this fuck Capt. Biering describes people chained to the ceiling for days at a time with, 'they weren't in pain' ... what, is there no lie too outrageous for them to utter? How is it that there exist people with minds mushy enough to believe this kind of stuff? I mean, it's one thing for the Rottweillers of the world - they know it's torture and they like that it's torture. But there's wingnuts out there who'll be, 'Well Capt. Biering says they weren't really in pain, so ...' w/o it even clicking in their pea brains that those endurance challenges they see on Survivor only last a couple of hours before the contestants collapse in pain.

Jesus, I hate these scumbagz. Smirking, comfortable, imagination-deficient, self-centered Corner-reading scumbagz.

Well put, all. The demoralization of America is loud and proud. One wonders how much longer it will continue and how much longer people will succumb to an alienated line of thinking.

makes me want to alienate myself from america all together. i concur with you on all points ;-)

There's a picture of a butt. Heh heh heh.

That fellow has been hunting with Dick Cheney.

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