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So it's a bizarre Sunday -- raining a mite too hard to walk down the road to pick up trash, or finish filling my ginormous compost bin with the last of last year's vines and clippings. All I can do is finish the dishes, try to keep the fire going (goddamn green oak), and listen to music. Maybe I'll poke away at my stalled novel.

All the same, I don't feel like blogging. Which sucks, because thanks to a very generous-hearted gentleman (who will remain anonymous until he says he'd rather not), I'm reminded that it's about time to run another campaign to sucker people into buying things for my branch of the local public library, which I run. And on behalf of this effort, I was going to do something super clever and hilarious, maybe a Battlestar Galactica/Passions mash-up.

But my heart isn't in it. I can't seem to get enough caffeine into me today -- head still feels strangely like it's filled with congealing cement. I'm listening to Stars, Okkervil River, PJ Harvey, et alia, about half an inch from crying, an echo of the chill drizzle that cascades against the gray-lit window and swells the rocky arroyo just beyond. Weird. Even the Arctic Monkeys' music seems to pique my tristesse today; Morningwood's, my anger... So instead, I'm going to steal from Dexter's post from yesterday, because it really, really bears repeating:

Requires indignation.

This, not so much.

Learn to get your fucking priorities straight, right-wing America (I'm looking at you, K-Lo.)

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Comments for The Sincerest Form of Doctoring...
WE posted both a Stars video and an Okkervil River video at Song of the Day.

I hope they go with the rain. Okkervil River always does.

Hang in there little buddy.

Hey, I can help you out there.

A lot of people don't realize but there is a rare biochemical reaction that takes place under certain conditions.

The fact is that listening to PJ Harvey on rainy Sundays actually causes your head to produce and subsequently fill with congealing cement.

Throw that 8-track away and you'll be fine.

I'm a bit better now, thanks george and pp.

I think I'll just whack it to some pr0n and take a nap.

PS follow the link and buy my library things, everybody!

Pr0n is the cure for everything.

I have a paperback copy of The Jungle... I imagine you're after hardcovers, though.

I intended to read it after I finished Fast Food Nation. It's on the "to read" stack.

Yes, we prefer hardcover. But can you believe I don't even have an Upton Sinclair book in the stacks? I mean, if a patron wants one, right now I have to go through the interlibrary loan program, which can take anywhere from a week to six months for delivery. Ack!

Who the hell is Upton Sinclair and why do I care?

Is he any relation to Updike Sinclair?

Or is that John Updike?

Chuckles, I believe I speak for everybody when I say shut the fuck up.

the jungle is one of the most disturbing books ever. brilliant though.

"elevator love song" by stars just makes me weak in the knees.

That's not what makes you weak in the knees Pop Star.

Best comment evah: teh told Chuckie to STFU!

hey, I think I saw that stfu when it was going around... I'll bet if i wait around a bit....

'tristesse' is a work I should use more, but it always makes me think of a Pumpkins song.

also, there is a point where you may have had too much coffee (man).

When I get that feeling I need "Too Much Coffee Man".

The new strip is okay, but the comic books are hillarious. Maybe I'll send you those instead.

Ew, stop looking at K-Lo. I only encourages her.

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