It's Official

Ore : 12:08 PM

Our country has become a filthy whoring slattern who puts out for fewer Lira than you'd pay for a gelato.

I'm feeling vaguely ill...

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Comments for It's Official
teh- have you commented at Reagan's Children Blog yet with your new gravatar?

Do it dude!~

I've commented, but my thingie didn't show up on their blahg.

Hey Gregor, can I have your babiez?

I don't know are we still married?

Your new photo is making me uncomfortable.

lefbjwu. This is what I have to type to post a comment here.

What does it stand for?

Sweet! I've always been a dirty whore.

Now I got my cuntry behind me!

As if I thought it was any different.

Gregor: Well that's what our little certificate from Las Vegas says!

Hey, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. And I seem to remember both of you bitches getting married to me that weekend.

vegas must not have the 'getting married in a drunken haze' effect on vegetarians... popren came back the same(or so it seems)

tzzwalj: the new Vegas Vaccine that prevents GMDH

AG - you can always dream honey.
teh - well if that's what it says feel free to have my babies.

Hee-hee... What happens in vegans, stays in vegans.

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