Louisiana: One Down...

Ore : 4:25 PM

...Almost 2,000 to go. Some highlights:

Before dying, the man apparently was trying to crawl out of an air-conditioning vent to escape rising floodwaters...

Meh, he just would have turned out to be a looter, anyway. Still, it would have been nice if someone could have anticipated this level of disaster. Oh,

Since December, bureaucratic red tape has blocked funding to find more bodies of missing residents hidden in the storm's wreckage. Money was made available last week, prompting renewed search and recovery efforts.

"We used state funds as long as we could until we ran out of money," Cataldie said.

Gee, I wonder what could have been holding that money up. Thank goodness that at least Bush was able to re-appropriate $5 million for alternative energy research in time for his photo op with people he had "accidentally" laid off only weeks earlier...

Oh, and a special shout-out to any Republiconservatarians out there [emphasis mon]:

...cadaver dogs helped discover the body Sunday in a rental home in the Lakeview area -- a mostly white, middle-class neighborhood near the 17th Street Canal levee that failed the day of the hurricane.

Getting crushed beneath the heels of unfeeling plutocrats: It's not just for poor, non-English-speaking brown people anymore!

P.S. My budget for seasonal promotions at the library is absolutely zilch. I might have enough in my branch's trust to start paying for a bit of remaindered Regnery kindling on layaway. My wall clock jams up at the 40 second mark unless I keep it on its back. You get the picture.

So by all means:
give if you can!

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