Siriusly, Why Not?

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When the juices aren't flowing, you can always just plug some shit into a template to keep the masses satisfied...

"Sancho Panza", The Plastic Constellations: Sometimes some bands (see Nightmare of You) get play on LoC just because they've been passed over by FUSE, perhaps because there's no budget for videos. This is straight-up Fallout Boy, but with a barely-there wigger asshole vibe. I confess bewilderment: I mean, they dress so cute... 3/10

"The Swish", The Hold Steady: I'm convinced that lead singer Craig Finn is a chunky, beery cokehead who doubles as a high-functioning autistic -- think Mooney Suzuki on anti-psychotics and without commercial instincts. Old punks are the best. Anyway, the kind of guys who groove like badasses when this song starts blaring over the PA at Zeitgeist are exactly the kind of dickheads The Hold Steady probably resent and start fights with. Irony, huh? 7.5/10

"In The Sun", Michael Stipe w/ Joseph Arthur: Not a terribly huge fan of either singer (yeah, yeah R.E.M. are gods, blah, blah, blah), so this one really took me by surprise. I'm going to play this until I get sick of it. 'Nuff said. 9/10 (for now)

"Center Of The Universe", Built To Spill: This replay from their 1999 album hasn't aged well, mostly because it was old when it was released -- serviceable if creaky indie pop that may as well have been made in '89. Meh. 4/10

"I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes", Tom Vek: One day, straight male American singer/songwriters will grow big enough balls to craft tunes that rock, have funk, flaunt style, and wouldn't be out of place playing to an impromptu dancefloor at a bitchin' dyke houseparty in Echo Park. One day. 8.5/10 (Half point extra 'cos I'm a sucker for that retro "pyoo-pyoo" lazer sound effect)

"The Blankest Year", Nada Surf: The
Chrissy Snow of college-radio bands scores a hit with this one, mainly because their typical superlative arrangements, catchy hooks, and sharp production are for once served well by their lyrics, which here are self-consciously and enjoyably stupid. Great to bounce around to while doing housework. 7/10

"Reverence", The Jesus & Mary Chain: Ooh, transgressive and vaguely political! Oh yeah, and not to mention positively fucking arthritic. 5/10

"Let's Get Sandy (Big Problem)", Be Your Own PET: Someone was weaned on Cadillaca and early (as in fetal) Le Tigre. Short, sweet, cute. 5/10 (did I mention it was short? Like, shorter than the title?)

"A Certain Romance", Arctic Monkeys: Yeah, they're another Kaiser Chiefs clone/Clash knock-off band. Well, okay, their lyrics are a bit more compelling -- closer to something written by Pete Doherty than KC. They continue to pull it off, though... Barely. 5/10

"In The Mouth A Desert", Pavement: The smartest thing Malkmus has done is hedge his professional prospects by going solo. You know what? Fuck this shit. I'm waiting for Pappy to come on... 4/10

Honestly, I don't know why I started this one while Christopher The Minister was on. I'm lucky I didn't have to sit through any Sebadoh or stinky, foul Greg Dulli.

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