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Rumsfeld nabs FOX's trial balloon and runs with it: "...U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, while criticizing media coverage of the war Tuesday, told reporters at the Pentagon he didn't think there was a civil war in Iraq."

Questions: Shouldn't Rumsfeld be paying more attention to the war itself and less to its portrayal -- shouldn't he be concerned less with Americans' perceptions and more with reality? Can someone in the press please call him out on his boneheaded adherence to the Tinkerbell approach to foreign policy? Seems to me that victory is contingent more on one's plan for securing (not to mention one's definition of) victory, and less on what people who have no influence think.

Okay, so public schoolteacher Jay Bennish, well or poorly, thoughtfully or not, tries to make the point that the Bush administration has a little too much in common with historical fascist regimes. This compels an ardent Bush supporter among his students to tape the rant, play it to his parents, and take it to a right-wing talk show host, driving AM radio, countless Op-Ed pages, and Right Blogsylvannia into a fury. Pressure is brought to bear, Bennish is placed on suspension -- he even receives death threats.

Question: Aren't all these people, in doing this, sort of proving his point for him?

Unrelated question: Does Elton John need to backhand some sense into our favorite Karma Chameleon? 'Cuz, IMHO, bitch be too old for this shit. Fo realz.

And, as always, the wish list for my local public library.

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Once again, too many multi-syllable words for me.

"Don't call me a facist or I will kill you!" I don't see why that won't work...

i think elton needs to take his red piano and shut the fuck up.

bb: Okay, how about this: "SPOOGE!" Better?

indy: no kidding huh.

pr: ooh damn someone woke up on the wrong side of the Glenfiddich bottle. Or did BART finally jump the rails and take off your roof?

Bennish's student is so-o-o joining the Log Cabin Republicans in a few years.

Rumsfeld is out to get me.

A young right-wing student rebels against his teacher's lack of respect for the political authorities, runs home to dutily inform his patriarchal authority, and they in turn contacted the state-supporting outlets in the media.

Sheesh, you'd have to be a freaking moonbat loony to see any comparisons to fascism there.

Rumsfeld is out to get me.

Pfft. Rumsfeld is out to get all of us.

Look at this way, Nolff.

At least it is not Cheney that is after you.

I think Bush is fascist and freely express as much! How come I don't get national attention!?!


that's not the real rumsfeld!!! he's the manchurian rumsfeld

the real rumsfeld would have had tanks roll down the streets of Manhattan and blow up the NYT building, maybe crushing the majority of Times square just to be sure that the damn media gets the message and quits being embedded in his damn war so he could conduct it in peace

nrneko: the new black

Funny how the same people that waxed hysterical about Muslims under the guise of "free speech" during the Mohammad cartoon thing are now demanding the head of this teacher.

Spooge, heh heh heh.

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