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- Prince's Black Sweat: The little man still got it.

- Most annoying aspect of CSI and spin-offs: So many to choose from... How about the pedestrian panning shot or, better yet, test tube spinning/hair examining/ballistics testing montage, which you're not supposed to notice is killingly dull because of jump-cutty editing, and because it's accompanied by a jungle track or the hot new Coldplay single. Please.

- If you see anybody wearing a "more cowbell" T-shirt, feel free to whip them about the face with a car aerial. Especially if they're wearing a white belt -- especially.

Shurayukihime will put you down like a rabid dog, no joke.

- Penguin brand shirts? Oh FTLOG, I was wearing those in '98. Damn.

CCTV is a treasure trove of Chinese history, culture, and politics. A bonus are the quickie 20-minute Mandarin lessons given by that goofy, smarmily cute white guy in glasses. Must see teevee.

- You're a nasty piece of work, you are. Wipe that syrup off your chin, you lump.

- Always in fashion:
supporting literacy.

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and they never balance the centrifuge. and they quote obvious scientific principles to each other. and oh yeah, the show is a 43 minute snuff film.

Warrick: "well, they scrubbed the floor, but people don't scrub UNDER the floor..." DUN DUH!!!!

Is there a worse actor working today? I vote now.

I can't watch CSI. I'm glad I'm not alone in this.

I've never worked in a lab where the lights are dimmed to such melodramatic levels.

Crime and mystery shows bug me. They peaked at Murder, She Wrote. And the peak was really only measurable in nanometers.

Heh. Enh. Shoot me now. So the stinking CSI people can come poke around for hours trying to figure out what convoluted goldbergian device they will break out to solve the crime.

Did anyone see the MadTV version of CSI. It was awesome.

I'm a Bill Nye the science guy fan too.

cdolahgm: the goopy stuff that collects in the drain.

PP: NO that guy would be a runner up to David Caruso.

Smarty: No kidding. But in all fairness, the NY:CSI does have a very well-lit trace evidence lab.

chuckles: Admit it, you used to whack it in a sock to Jessica Fletcher.

elmo: Me too!

Teh, teh...When did Prince get to still have it? Prince NEVER had it, love.

AG: how would you like to be banned, my darling Nikki. HA!!!

Yeah, that's a good liberal Patriotic thing to do: ban me! Is that what this life has come to: throwing sick parties and talking smack about Prince = banning.

If you ban me, you won't ride in my little red Corvette.

Just sayin'

if i see anyone having anything to do with cowbells, i beat the shit out of them first and ask questions later - cowbells SUCK.

penguin shirts are for twats with no style and disposable cash.

quillyx: nyquil with a difference...a REALLY GOOD difference.

AG: whatever it takes not to see your foul raspberry beret in my classroom again!

PR: For the record, they were cute in '98 when they were actual vintage bought for $4 at that clothes-by-the-pound place on Valencia and I was one of the few people wearing them. It's different now.

I am sooo banning AG for a few days. Oh wait, there goes half my traffic!

Riimk: Like a ice rink, but different.

"PR: For the record, they were cute in '98 when they were actual vintage bought for $4 at that clothes-by-the-pound place on Valencia and I was one of the few people wearing them. It's different now."

a-fucking-men, brother.

That version of Photoshop they use in CSI is not real. People bring me shitty artwork and think I'm supposed to inhance it like they do on TV.

I hate CSI.

And Prince.

What's up with the music, l4m3?

all paisley haters U are on notice. do not mess wit' my groove.

Whatevs, one day all 7 bulls will die. Especially if they stand in the way of love and I smoke them all.

Prince = T-R-A-G-I-C. I have more respect for Cher lovin' Village People Divas.

PR: Amen on the cow bells. Can you knock UC into tomorrow on the SMiLE shit of Brian Wilson?

brian wilson is a god to me, so no, i cannae knock him for it. if you eat some mushrooms it will all come into focus.

B.W. uses the bell, baby in the SMiLE stuff. And it will take more than shroomin' to be able to stomach it.

I lvoe Brian Wilson. And PR. adn Teh. And Elmo. and smartypants. and chuckles.


teh's stud harem leftovers

I like in CSI how the investigators are totally uncorruptable and super-smart and full of energy 24-7, and they never miss the tiniest shred of evidence like a single flake of skin because there's always collectable DNA from the criminal at a crime scene, and they never fuck up the one shot they have at working that miniscule mote of evidence because they have state-of-the-art equipment and they're the bestest scientists evar and they're never tired or drunk or high ... JUST LIKE REAL LIFE COPS!

Thanks for the green light on car aerial-whipping 'more cowbell' knobs. Can we also throw eggs at Adam Corolla ads on the side of Muni buses?

i like prince, and not in that 'ironic' way that's so popular these days. his words speak to the sap in me. that and all of his band was female. that'll get me to watch your show any day of the week

eqqmt: an EMT from CSI

assparrot: Oh, and how they're all supermodel hot and can afford the best clothes.

aif: thank you. Prince has always been cool. He's so sexy. And he still looks good.

At first I just thought Teh was losing his hearing or something, but thinking Prince still has what he never had in the looks?

Teh, put down the pipe. Put it down slowly and step away. Your delusions will subside in about two days.

P.S. SMiLE and Take 5 Bars suck ass.

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