A Glance At Townhall: Goldberg Punches Self In Face

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So I'm just drifting by Townhall this morning, only to find I couldn't enter because the building's been condemned. Silly conservatives -- should've sprang for that asbestos removal!

Anyway, I was limited pretty much to checking out the bulletin board-

Okay, fine, you get a moment to chuckle at the title ("
Vive la sloth!"), penned by le Pantload hisself.

All right, moment's up.

Back to our polymath wunderlump [emphasis mine, bitterness masquerading as contemptuous amusement in the original]:

"Imagine riot police had to be sent into Harvard to quell an enormous student protest. OK, that's not terribly hard to imagine. But instead of the usual reasons for prosperous students to get all uppity - gay rights, antiwar hoopla, a strong math requirement..."

But what's this? Only a few paragraphs later:

"And what greater hell is there than Americanization? After all, between 1970 and 2003, America produced 59 million jobs. France, Germany and Italy put together managed to create fewer than 18 million jobs over the same period..."

Quick, someone e-mail this to John Derbyshire (be sure to put "buggery" somewhere in the subject line if you want him to read it.) I mean, I'm no statistics whiz (not to mention that I'm the exact opposite of wealthy), but clearly I have a better chance than Jonah G. of not getting drop-kicked out of a Harvard first-year maths class.

And to those of you for whom these two passages are not self-evidently contradictory, enjoy your free ride scholarship to
Goucher College. Hopefully you can substitute any class that requires you to explain your statistics (or engage in any exercise in logic at all, for that matter) with BSG Fisking 101.

Moving on... Not much else, I'm afraid. Dr. Mike "Vaginas? EEEK!" Adams tells us the best way to talk to a Muslim fundamentalist is to
call him a faggot. Stands to reason; it certainly seems to work on those Christian snake-handler types.

Eh, what else... Oh, lookie
here! Apparently former Yalies, another group clearly too good for Harvard's pathetic admission standards, are sending their alma mater a bunch of red fingernails because the school admitted some Taliban guy. Of course, I'm upping the ante: not to be outdone by Lee press-ons, I'll be shipping in vials of menstrual blood. Collected from heterosexual Christian virgins, of course.

Okay, this blows. I'm trundling my wares over to the marketplace -- the
Marketplace of Ideas!

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Comments for A Glance At Townhall: Goldberg Punches Self In Face
Why the Marketplace of Ideas?

Hey wait, are you mad that I posted comments by 'leh t4m3' over at Raven's place? It wasn't me, it was my evil...um, you know.

I'm so sorry I missed that thread before Raven closed it...

Why, Jesus, why?

As an aside, Mike Adams is a total skidmark.

gavin: just because.

And... Oh, snap! I have another evil twin? better tell my first twin, Lynx.

brando: no argument there.

When totally out witted, and bitch-slapped to boot...first go after ones sexual orientation.

-Wingnut 101

Elmo, you can only go after their sexual orientation after you've accused them of being unpatriotic.

Unless, they aren't American, then, of course, yes, go right for sexual orientation.

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