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I think Atrios is on to something. Many otherwise non-Wingnutien publications must publish gibberingly, licking-spots-on-the-wall stupid columnists just to drive normal Americans insanely indignant, thereby increasing circulation. It's the only explanation. How else to explain Howard Kurtz?


Gavin's gonna love this little bit. A part of the article Jeff Goldstein attempted to fisk (although on this specific part Jeffy studiously avoids commenting -- he merely implies, in his typically verbose form of non-reasoning, that it is wrong):

Another time he said, [2] "Some say that if you’re Muslim you can’t be free."

And from a very recent
installment by our favorite failed academic-cum-screamingly successful hausfrau:

Hitchens notes, often from people who claim that li’l old liberal dissent can’t have any effect on the war (this is the part of the argument where we’re told that al-Qaeda doesn’t read our papers or follow our press, which of course doesn’t speak highly of them as an enemy -- but hey, what do you expect from dumb brown people?)

You know, because that's exactly what white Liberal elitists meant when any of them said that they don't see how Americans engaging in the democratic process and using their First Amendment rights could give aid and comfort to the enemy.

In other words, Jeff isn't dumb. He's certifiable (but we may need an online diagnosis from
Dr. Sanity to be sure).


See what happens when happens when the Right attempts to jump ship too quickly from the SS Southern Stragegy? Eugene "Oops, Maybe I Shouldn't Have Been So Quick To Support Torture" Volokh gets ropeburn.

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Sorry, Teh. I can't stop scrolling down to the Irish boys.

Dumb brown people!?

Oh man. That's made of some kind of new special post-consumer aerospace-grade accelerant-enriched straw.

How'd you find that?

I just never got around to thanking you for defending my honor over at Sadly No when the skank wars began.

Thanks, hunny!

smarty: can't blame you.

gavin: I waded through an Eerie-sized lake of deranged, pseudo-intellectual muck to bring you this. I hope you're happy.

vv: you're welcome!

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