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If you're unfamiliar with Jon Carroll, he's sort of the local, Northern California version of James Wolcott, albeit more a bookish grammar maven than a waggish arts and culture commentator -- not that he isn't some of that, as well. And for those of you who are familiar with him: yes, I too tend to avoid his cat columns.

This one, however, was worth reading:

"Where's Daddy?"

"He's out picketing a funeral of a gay veteran."

"Will he be home in time for the flute recital?"

"Your father is very busy, dear."

Amen, bitchez.

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Comments for Theocrat, Heal Thyself
I love that.

Nicely said.

George Bush does not care about gay people.

I mean, render unto me a break.

The rarely used, olden days version of John Stossel's motto.

I mean, render unto me a break.

The rarely used, olden days version of Stossel's motto.


Could have sworn that didn't go in the first time.

I usually don't read Carroll. But that truly fired me up. Good on him for knowing the diff between "family values" and wingnut freakouts.

PS - is there an issue with his cat columns?


nöff: yes he does. he cares if gay people are okay, because he doesn't want them to be.

timmah: yes, back in the day, when Stossel and his moustache used to perform ye olde gaye pornne.

pepper: yes. those cat columns make me want to tear off my skin. maybe some people like them. whatevs.

I want to go out and buy a new Ford Fusion.

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