Happy Three-Year Anniversary

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Okay, so I'm glad you all got so much enjoyment out of our St. Patty's Day corned beef post. Time to put the pants back on (the serious pants, that is).

Several times since the evidence that the Bush junta lied to get us into this mess has piled up so high it is undeniable to the most slavish Kool-Ade drinker, a fall-back position has been dismissiveness -- the fact that they lied isn't that big of a deal, we're essentially told.

I submit that it is, in large part because of
this guy (of whom I am totally in awe, btw) and thousands like him:

Watching "CSI" or "Law and Order" on TV with his wife, Sherry, he often has trouble following the plot. He has problems recalling the birthdates of their three boys — Matthew, 4, Nicholas, 3, and 13-week-old Liam. He knows the route to his desk job at Hunter Army Airfield in nearby Savannah, but needs help keeping track of appointments.

Sometimes he'll walk into a room and forget what he's doing there. Other times, he'll stop talking in mid-sentence and grasp for the word.

I've said this before, among other times when watching my grandmother deteriorate due to Alzheimer's: if I ever get to this point, shoot me and shoot to kill. I understand why he sticks around, and that the future may yet hold the possibility of a more complete recovery, but damn.

I don't think I could imagine a more horrifying way to live.

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Teh, we could have used you at the march downtown yesterday. I took pics and posted them. Or were you there? Was that you handing out the free food?

I don't think I could imagine a more horrifying way to live.

what if you were jonah goldberg?

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