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I'm sure AFA has a similar page decrying Olympians at Torino who indulged in drunken brawls.

Oh, wait, no they don't: getting up in drag is far more immoral than breaking teeth.


Why not dress your bridesmaids in pouffy acid-wash denim?


The recent massive hullaballoo over the 2-3% of people who "misused" their dinky couple-of-thousand-dollar FEMA debit cards is tragically hilarious. I mean, isn't this just a variation on the old Republican "Ooh our country is being bankrupted by scurrilous inner-city welfare queens driving around in Cadillacs" approach to domestic policy?

There's really no way to put this delicately: if you believe that this is the most important story to come out of the Katrina/post-Katrina narrative, you are a failure as a human being -- a shitty American who is abusing your sacred franchise as a citizen.


"Don't mess with Texas"? California is wealthier, more powerful, more populous and more important, and Californians are prettier, healthier and smarter besides. So yes. I will mess with Texas with impunity.

Oh yeah, I went there.


Saw the weirdest thing outside: a bumblebee freshly impaled on a spike in the barbed-wire fence, as though it couldn't escape the wind that threw it there. Way creepy. Couldn't have been a shrike; we don't have those.

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Why do you think it's so important to be Blind in Texas? It's the only way to enjoy the true beauty of the state. Consider me a lone star virus...

Maybe I'll give my bridesmaids an acid-washed sash. I did go to a wedding once where it was a requirement to wear jeans.

Damn it, you're giving away my unique wedding plans.

Do they not have news in Canadia?

AFA: Fighting the good fight to make sure no one has any fun, gay or straight.

Assholes want to tell everyone how to live. I think they need to have the cobags adjusted so the opening is over their mouths to stop the unceasing reiver of bullshit from landing in their laps and spilling over onto our lives.

Butchie, teh is in Cali, not Canada.

everyone: did you hear about this?

Illinois Group to Positive Athletes: Stay Home

March 17, 2006—A conversative Illinois group is calling on President Bush to block HIV positive athletes from entering the country this summer for the Gay Games in Chicago. Peter LaBarbera, head of the Illinois Family Institute, contends the players would be hazardous to the public health and is urging national organizations to join his cause. U.S. law bars positive foreigners from crossing our borders, but the president approved a special Games waiver last month, as he did in 1994.

That AFA page - ould they protest their reasons for posting the pictures just a little more strongly?

My apologies.. I assumed he was a Canadian- you know the whole gaaaay thing. HAHAHAHA.

Also the 'Illinois based conservative group'- Is it the American Nazi Party? The 'God Hates Fags' people are from Kansas.

It's the reason the USA hasn't been the host of the international AIDS conference since about 1984. Everyone remembers Vancouver 1996 (hi, protease inhibitors! hi, hope!)... it could've been Seattle 1996 or Portland 1996, but no... all of teh AIDZ people would've crashed the gates, spread their virus like breeding rats, then applied for asylum and lived off the riches of the skeletal American public health framework.

That's fine... Canada and other countries are o.k. with hosting these conferences... 2006 is being held in my home city (Toronto). We'll all shove pie plates down the back of our pants and pray for the end of the poz invasion...

What a fucking joke. Shit like this makes me ashamed of my (Christian) heritage. Tell me the difference between this type of religious intolerance and the type that leads to female circumcision or uproar over Danish cartoonz.


Yeah, sometimes Texas is really ridiculous.

But, be gentle, Teh. Smarty lives in Texas so it can't be all bad.

(I'm referring to myself in the 3rd person and that's hot.)

elmo, smarty: Yes, that was written in the heat of the moment. Forgive.

Pepper: But no seafoam green chiffon. That's just fugly.

Indy: Then try the seafoam green chiffon.

Butchie: I am not Canadian; I am Cardassian

chuckles: good idear.

madame: but the xian right will still stand by their dubya.

elemental: doth protest too much?

Canadia and America are still connected, right? What if the AIDS gets into our air or water and crosses the border?

You would die, thilly goothe.

Dude, what is this thing with posting items that look like they have links to weird websites, but in fact THERE ARE NO LINKS? Is this just some kind of postmodern joke, where you whet our appetite for links but furnish no links?

Just because it's bold doesn't mean it's a link. These are things too weird for the Internet; they are from my head!

yeah i live in texas. and it does suck.

although, i've spent enough time in CA to know it sucks there too.

*longing for her home in new orleans*

To each her own, stranger.

But may I add, I've never once been arrested for getting my buzz on in a bar. And I've never had to think twice before drinking tap water.

Also, I don't remember the last time some Cali "good ole boys" chained a black man to the back of a truck and dragged him til he was dead...

But I suppose I can sympathize with the other ways California might suck for someone from New Orleans...

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