Aimless Rant Based On Scant Anecdotal Evidence

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Try an experiment: go to a gay bar. Not the type with a dancefloor, but the type with just one pool table and little-to-no top-shelf vodka, and that turns a blind eye to the occasional indoor cigarette. Now flip through the jukebox. Chances are, you're going to find Hole's Live Through This.

Now, go to some straight dive -- any straight dive -- and do the same thing. The chances of finding that album here are about one in a million.

What a surprise. The point is, they were once a real powerful group. It's not a stretch to say they ruled the world. And when they broke up everyone blamed Yoko, but the fact is the group split itself apart, she just happened to be there.*

I've noticed something similar with the bizarre phenomenon that is Courtney Love. There are guys, no matter how thoughtful, liberal, feminist, and egalitarian, to whom you can mention those two words -- "Courtney" and "Love" -- and some of the vilest, most misogynistic effluent will spew out of their pie-holes.

These guys (and not a few girls) seem not to want to face facts. Well suck it up, buttercups: Though Kurt was a brilliant musician and a beautiful soul, he was never the less a fucked up junky. He was a sad, sordid mess, as much so as any Nick Drake or Elliot Smith. And he didn't need any help killing himself. Courtney or no Courtney, it was bound to happen.

Some, rather than offer an honest critique of her music, would indict her character because ofher rancid behavior upon his death -- the squatting in the Washington mud, rambling incoherently for the camera, her best Nancy Spungeon/Tammy Faye face spackled on and running in the tears and rain. As if any one of us has any business judging another's mode of mourning.

Courtney Love is a lot of things: an embarrassment, a junky, a skeeze, a talentless, watery knock-off of Sylvia Plath, but she is not a murderer. In point of fact, she's not all that horrible at all. I'd go so far as to say that, through all the posing and the dippy stunts, she's pretty fucking okay. Occasionally decent, even.

Yeah, she may have rode Kurt's coattails. That just proves she's got taste and dedication -- whose coattails was she going to ride? The fucking Gin Blossoms?

At any rate, she certainly didn't ride them to their grave.

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Comments for Aimless Rant Based On Scant Anecdotal Evidence
I find it nice that you defend Courtney Hole by sayng more nasty things about her than nice. Clever.

I should be a defense attorney.

She's not talentless, and show me a jukebox filled with Smashing Pumkins, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots and I'll show you a jukebox with Hole in it. I think the particular era of the 90s is the most out it will be, the chic retro aspects of 90s-ness won't be in for awhile.

Now, OMC's "How Bizarre"- that's a different story.

"She's not talentless"

I should have been more specific in my aimless ranting -- that is to say, lyrically, she's a far, far less talented, watered-down version of Sylvia Plath.

"show me a jukebox filled with..."

The Crow Bar, on Broadway. Be there the last weekend of April, bitch. That's when I'm coming down.

Also, we can check out zeitgeist if it's not too crowded with poseur chumpwagons.

Plus she was in Straight to Hell with the Pogues. That makes her way better than cobag Kurt in my book all the live long muthafuckin day.

All that shit aside, I've always felt sorry for her daughter.

Courtney--definitely not the most stable of moms.

show me a jukebox filled with Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots and I'll show you a jukebox I just took a shit in.

(I like S pumpkins though)

No, I want to be the girl with the most cake!

I was punk!
Now I'm just stupid!
I'm so awful

(my favourite song from Celebrity Skin)

Melissa Auf der Maur was featured on a CBC program called The Greatest Canadian. She's way articulate.

madamerouge- I agree "Awful" is a great great song. IF you look at it the right way Malibu is also pretty good radio tune.

What I meant to say about the particular juke box is that those jukeboxes do not reside in hipster bay area counties. Now they may reside in non-cheeseball gay bars, but I only frequent the cheesy ones.

I said that for AG. Where is she?

I love Love.

assparrot: true dat.

Smarty: "I look like fuckin' Stevie Nicks!"

madame: Melissa Auf Der Mar is one pretty canuck.

pp: I believe I started by saying "anecdotal".

Indy: Love loves you. Especially if you've got yummy, colorful pills.

kermit cobain

You love Love. And you hate Hate.

Why don't you form a song and dance act together?

This bit totally stolen from the Bert Fershners. A comedy group that may or may not still exist in Chicago and Madison. They were funny. So sayeth your personal Jesus.

thwihva: THYWOTCI's (or whatever) new name.

fatrobot: Porkney Love?

chuckles: You're just like Ben Domenech!!!

"Awful" was a great song. I was also sort of partial to "Northern Star" even if it was too confessional.

But the real question has always been, how much of Courtney Love's music was her own? I'm not just talking about Kurt's hands being on it, but also Reznor's and Corgan's.

Did anyone see the Pamela Anderson roast? Courtney was hilariously wasted. Yes, she made an ass of herself but did get off her share of jokes.

I for one welcome a trend of more publicly drunken unpredictable celebrities. Provided they are somewhat witty and self-deprecating, as she was. And please, no apologies for it! All this seventies retro shit for years now but we havent been treated, really, to outrageous, obviously stoned-drunken vulgar wit. Everyone's so responsible, or does their dirty stuff in semi-secret, that only tabloids report.

See, I missed the 70s. I was there for a while but too little to appreciate it. So I wanna see the 00s equivalent of Norman Mailer punching someone on the Dick Cavett Show. I wanna see a drunken Truman Capote equivalent. I wanna see the equivalent of Tennessee Williams bombed out of his mind on pills half comotose on a talk show. I wanna see the equivalent of a coked out Bianca Jagger blurting inanities that make audiences giggle. I wanna see a hungover Alice Cooper on the Muppet Show. Etc Etc. And burntout Courtney is about the closest I'll get to any of that.

We have no truly irresponsible intellectuals and artists anymore and it pisses me off.

Well we have Pete Doherty.

And, um, Tom Sizemore? Oh, fuck it. YOu're right.

Were you perchance reading roy edroso last week?

It'd be cool if it got really weird, like Jonathan Lipnicki puking all over Hillary Duff at the Teen Choice Awards. Or maybe a coked-up Amy Grant screaming obscenities and throwing a jar of mayonaisse at some handicapped kid during a live taping of Three Wishes.

That's what i'm sayin, Assparrot.

Teh - I did read Roy but I took him as complaining more about artistic merits and authenticity vis-a-vis public persona, and also with regard to how FANS comport themselves.

I agreed with all of it (Roy doesn't like to admit it, but he is in many ways a cultural reactionary, as am I -- and you will be too when you get a certain age *finger wagging*).

My complaint isn't with the art's value (well, I do have many complaints about that, but that's beside the point), but with the artist and intellectual as safe celebrity, as a PR-schooled automaton -- and, as do-gooding, witless bores.

Yeah, but they've got good reason to toe the line -- see Poundstone, Paula and Reubens, Paul.

And Tara Reid can't seem to get anywhere, in part because she's untalented, but also because she can't stop falling down drunk and high in ditches.

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