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Tapes 'n Tapes, The Iliad: Ambition: they've put out several singles in the course of a few short weeks. I love it. They're not afraid to do whatever will work for the particular song, and foist it on the listening public. I enjoy the influence of neatly crafted 60s pop in this one. 7.5/10

The Kinks, Dedicated Follower Of Fashion: The Damned and their contemporaries would have gone nowhere had it not been for the Kinks sneering at dandies. A jaunty, jangly pop in the mouth to 60s mod metrosexuals. Classic. 8.5/10

Band of Horses, The Funeral: Chris Martin, is that you? Starts out "ooh-oohing" as a mid- to early-80s rock ballad, settles quickly into cookie-cutter 21st century indie. No really, it's bearable, but for some reason reminds me of the front man for Coldplay doing lead vocals for a Chicago tribute band (with not a little Shins tossed in). 4/10

The Dandy Warhols, Minnesoter. Courtney, Courtney, Courtney. Lay off the pipe or the gel-tabs or the peyote or whatever it is, clean your act up for, like, 28 days, and then get back to songwriting. What happened? You used to be sexy and talented. Now you're turning into a Wal-Mart knock-off of Iggy Pop. Eek. This is so phoned in: deadly dull standard arrangements, lyrics written on a bar napkin after a fifth of vodka. Is nobody in that band even trying any more? 3/10

Editors, Bullets: WHO. WILL. BE. THE. NEW. JOY DIVISION?!?! In the Red corner, the creepy and slightly autistic-seeming Interpol. And in the Blue corner, THE REPETITIVE EDITORS! Will either of them walk away from this fight? You know, the way that everyone else already has? 2/10

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Gold Lion: This is the most fun they've been since starting out on the road to pop-stardom. Sharp, poppy, rocking in a way few other bands choose to be. Extra points 'coz in the video Karen O looks like a Satanic Dorothy Hamill in gold lamé. 8/10

Camper Van Beethoven, Take The Skinheads Bowling: An old favorite for which I have a super soft spot. 'Nuff said. 7/10

Film School, On & On: I've heard enough stuff just like this. Utterly boring, even if it is crafted well and embellished with lovely pretty boy singing. Listenable, but forgettable. 4/10

The High Dials, Our Time Is Coming Soon: You know what pop music today needs more of? Sitar music, that's what. Sitar music and psychedelic codas. Eat your hearts out, ghosts of the Brill Building. 7.5/10

Gene Vincent, Woman Love: Like Elvis, but not. And I don't mind. My critical faculties turn to mush when confronted with sexy rockabilly boys. Brylcreme duck's asses, gingham shirts, cuffed blue jeans, pointy boots -- extra points for vintage-looking tattoos and a Betty Paige-esque ex-appendage. And this is what they listen to. So... 7/10

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okay, i'm glad you gave the yyy's a thumbs up. i've been thinking about getting a yyy and wanted to make sure i wasn't an aging poseur...

but with the teh stamp of approval, i can walk into my indie record store and buy with confidence, and my hands won't shake and i can look the clerk in the eye and i won't want to weep, oh god, to start crying and crying...

Here's the deal: you can really only maintain your indie cred, even in a backwater like Denver, by buying music for which videos have not and never will be made.

That said, give your ears what they demand. Go in peace, my child.

Nice to see "Take the Skinheads Bowling" here.

That song always takes me back to high school. And then I remember why I wanted to get out.

I'm on the fence about the yeah yeah yeahs.

Teh, if you say it's a good 'un, I'll buy it.

(And I would love another hottie Sunday post. I'm not adverse to looking at two guys so don't be afraid to go there.)

smarty, you love the yeah yeah yeahs, trust me!

you know, that must be why i'm not getting more dates - denver. backwater. makes sense!

"give your ears what they demand" - as the doctor would say (and i'm waiting for yr take on the series one), fantastic!

there's not a line that goes here that rhymes with anything...

i stopped doing this because my music is always lamer than everyone else's, especially now that i am far away from my fountain of indie music friends. but yyy's always = good times

hxhss: the art of randomly selecting songs cooler than everyone else

I am in the same boat as aif. Although, I did go see Hard-Fi on Thursday--oh wait, they made a video. Damn.

never fear. I'm certainly not trying to Pitchforkcobaggily "outcool" anyone or any such nonsense. I like plenty of "commercial" stuff. I just have a weirder ear when it comes to some stuff, and honestly like certain music most 28 year-old gay men wouldn't touch with a 20-foot pole.

Jeebus... 28?

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