The Kiss of Death

Ore : 6:45 AM

The shake-up that wasn't going to happen continues. Now it seems that Josh Bolten feels John Snow hasn't been getting enough people to clap (and you know, every time someone says he or she doesn't believe the federal deficit is harmless, NASDAQ drops a point). And when McClellan says this:

... [T]he president appreciates the great job that Secretary Snow is doing, he is an important member of our economic team.

... One can pretty much see what's coming.

In addition, Bolten seems to be eyeballing for the position, among others, such free-market luminaries as "Henry Paulson, chief executive of Goldman Sachs; John Mack, chief executive of Morgan Stanley, and Richard Parsons, chairman of Time Warner".

My guess? If any one of those guys gets into a closed door session to talk with Bush and Cheney about the current regime's economic policies, the both will wish the interviewee had just gone ahead and shot them in the face.

* * *

And no gloating that LGFers' and Freepers' fantasies of another MSM journalist getting decapitated have gone unfulfilled. Just this: w00t! Welcome back, Jill.

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