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I mean this not as a pejorative, as I kinda like her, but... Kristanna Loken: The new Keanu Reeves?
Hook sista girlfriend up with the Wachowski brothers

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Popular culture as barometer: So we're pretty sure that the glut of cop/DA/forensics dramas, with Dick Wolf (is that his real name?) at the vanguard, may be a reflection of our society's newfound comfort with authoritarianism -- specifically, the idea of those invested with the power to arrest and prosecute (not to mention often in uniform) being infallible.

My question is this: What will happen to In Justice? Too soon? Or just too crappy?

* * *

I have it on good authority that Wolfmother, in a blood rite overseen by the spectral visage of a Year-of-Biting-Heads-Off-Bats-vintage Ozzie, secretly dedicated their new album to this model of sartorial rectitude:

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"...But We Never Liked Disco": Listening to SIRIUS 26's Ghostie one morning, I heard him mention all the hate mail he's been getting for playing M.I.A. He didn't go into too much detail save for the most common criticism that the music "doesn't fit" -- a similar argument was leveled against The Streets, he added.

Now, apart from the pedestrian (and purely subjective) response I would make to such a person, that M.I.A.'s music has far more artistic merit than that of, say, the boring drones of Soft, or the gurgling dreckmeisters of Nine Black Alps, and that it seems to fit as well as some of The Gossip's newer stuff, I also have an ideological bone to pick. These people seem to want to say something that they don't have the balls to come right out and say, so they beat around it. But ultimately, it harkens back to the old criticisms we used to hear about disco music that were rooted not in examinations of its artistic merit, but instead were sniper shots at the culture which was perceived to have grown up around it: it was the music of flighty girls; there were too much drugs on the scene; it was too "dancey". All of this was rooted mainly in misogyny, homophobia, and racism.

That the only "true" musicians had greasy hair, wore flannel, and eschewed synthesizers, turntables, and electronic effects -- such instead favored the same three chords played ad nauseum on drums, a bass, and a guitar or two. If music invites you to dance, then it simply cannot be "art." Are there judgements that don't come from a place of hate? Certainly, there is the barely defensible argument that if something sounds poppy, it must be too corporate -- it's sell-out music. Basically, though, these attitudes are just stale old holdovers from the early 90s, and what they propose for music is as misguided as what von Triers' Dogme 95 did for cinema.

* * *

It occurs to me that although they crested in a tsunami of popularity several years ago, low- (mind you, not too low) slung, boot-cut jeans have never really gone out of style, and probably never will. A flattering cut for any figure, they produce a keen silhouette, and move easily from day to evening, urban to rural.

* * *

Frankly, I'd much rather the kidz be watching Wonder Showzen than Jackass. It really is a step up.

* * *

You know, music videos were only ever artistically useful complements when Michel Gondry and his imitators were doing them.

* * *

All genre literature are guilty pleasures. That said, "soft" (a discussion unto itself, but for later, my pets) skiffy classic "The Left Hand of Darkness" strikes me as not only eminently readable for adults, but a fine choice to be disseminated among younger readers. Raises interesting questions they may often ask themselves when they're not gibbering about Xbox and Jessica Simpson hooey. Stuff such as the distinctions between patriotism and jingoism; sexual fluidity; the role of empathy in human intercourse, etc.

* * *

Enormous, gilt-framed, black-velvet portrait of a weeping Christ: only $2 at your nearest charity shop. Beat feet!

* * *

Okay, so you're hot stuff 'cos you caught Masterpiece Theatre's brilliant adaptation of "Bleak House." Good for you. But if you're really smart, you'll avail yourself of any opportunity to read the book, if you haven't already. It's worth your time, as the televised version, by virtue of its medium, missed a lot of the crackling satirical humor of the original Dickens.

* * *

Mud wrestling at the Eagle = Heaven.

* * *

Speaking of which, (filed under Embarrassing Yet Hilarious): All those San Francisco bands and musical projects that never take wing because nobody can drum up a drummer -- it's like finding a top in a Castro watering hole.

* * *

We need our own Aesop. Someone who will write a pithy fable, maybe something about a weasel secretly releasing egg-eating snakes into a hen house, then convincing the hens to pay him eggs as the price for protection from said snakes. Should cast as much light as anything else on the fiendish Medicare Plan D.

* * *

I could be mistaken, but it does seem Aaron Eckhart has been somewhat typecast since his role in "In The Company of Men."

What a magnificently vile movie, by the way; give it a gander if you haven't already...

* * *

Coolest drag king name not yet in use AFAIK: William Shackner.

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Comments for Kulturkampfrückkehr
I love Aaron...love that sauna scene with Jason Patric in Your Frends and Neighbours....

"Senior year gym class...his name was Timmy Carter. He was a guy from my high school P.E. class...my best fuck..."

Ist pic- I would tap that ass.
2nd pic- Madamrouge?

TBL: Yes, super hot. But again, almost always cast as teh 3v!l -- why?

butchie: don't make me come over there. Click on tha link, foolio.

sorry, but that bitch is GROSS.

and yes, teh, we've got stuff to send you. email me the address to ship it to.

I think I'm ready to switch back to butter.

I have the Wondershowzen seasson 1.
It officially kicks ass.
I can say that becouse I have a blog called Kickass.

About that girl. I'd hit it.

interesting bit, there, inre: pop authoritarianism - totalitarianism. i was noodling around free speech a couple of weeks back, and overheard some author on the inn feed saying much the same thing. all seems reminiscent, in a slick way, though maybe a little less crude, of the angry white man cop-boilers of the 50s.

dex hearts mia. and the streets. but especially mia.

popr: she's not gross. She's scandinavian, and threatens you with her cyborg power.

Will email you shortly.

tbl: what are you trying to say, exactly?

nölff: knew you'd like it.

dex: ah, but where is our Perry Mason, the Public Defender who gets off the wrongly accused and in the process fingers the real perp -- all with Della Street waiting just outside the door?

Just thinking aloud....

Aaron Eckhart: slurp. Nice character in Erin Brokovich but otherwise, yes, somewhat typecast.

I have an autographed picture of Dick Wolf, but my friend got it for me at one of the SF street fairs (Castro? Fulsom?). ;-)

Ms. Loken - does she also speak in an expressionless monotone? Does she also look permanently stoned? Does she also have a crappy band on the side?

She is much nicer to look at, tho.

Speaking of weeping Jesuses (Jesi?) you might want to check out Lindsay's photoblog:


Crap - too lazy top put in the HTML tag. You get the idea.

kristanna loken. so delicious, yet she played bloodrayne. that kinda ruined it for me.

also, i love to dance to spectacularly unpopular music. one of my roommates has shunned me for life because i used to attend Dance or Die

- almostinfamous (blogger won't let me login)
  • Posted at 1:42 AM | By Anonymous Anonymous

teh lurves me more!

As for the KL (K-Lo?), she looked awful in Bloodrayne, but I thousht she was much better in the Seigfried story. I thought Benno Furman was a little odd, like an even more Euro Kevin Sorbo. I would totally hook up with Kristianna and if we could talk about shit, I might even bring her home.

Wednesday is D-Day.

ron: actually, I'd say she's a shade of a degree more gifted in the acting dept. In other words, yeah, she pretty much has that emotionless one-note acting thing down pat. And, much like an earlier Keanu, she's so unrealistically pretty.

aif: and Keanu was in the execrable "Bram Stoker's Dracula". My point stands. And RE: Bloodrayne, you and chuckles should compare notes...

Anyway, the shits about your roommate. Could you imagine, though, if she'd been so blinkered as to hate you for listening to Björk in '93 because she used sampling, unlike her Northwest Grunge Gods?


Chuckles: There you are! Yeah, caught part of that Sigfried/Brunhilde story, which gave me a mind that her acting is a mite better than Keanu's, but still...

Anyway, she'd break you in half with her cyborg strength. Word.

Anyway, she'd break you in half with her cyborg strength. Word.

Cannot stop laughing!

Kristanna Loken!!! I feel stalked by that woman ever since they put up the Bloodrayne posters in my neighborhood. Oh, her mug, staring at me, tormenting me, scaring the crap out of me ... I need to call someone about that.

Then I listened to Wolfmother to release my rage. Wolfmother kicks ass.

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