Sunday Hottie

Ore : 11:42 AM

Jay Hernandez

Dedicated to Smarty AKA The Dread Pirate Blackbra

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What's self esteem?


Again, Teh, you are my hero!

He is a hottie. I like his smile.

tbl: That tingly feeling I get when I look at myself naked in the mirror and get aroused.

smarty: I wonder what's under the hood. I'd like to see how that piston fires.

BTW: Who do you have to suck off to get linked around here?



Teh, you crack me up.

I had to come back and look again.

It's Sunday and Sundays make me sad so this is, you know, helping.

= )

"Who do you have to suck off to get linked around here?"

Bob Barker.

I'd hit that knob, but take off the cross of sin. Goddammit! Cross-of-sin!
  • Posted at 9:48 PM | By Anonymous Adorable Girlfriend

He works out.

I could totally kick that guy's ass.

OK. Came back one more time.

Oh, boy...I'd like

Oh, fuck. I can't even fake gay.

I'll never be Elton.

God damn it. Damn it.

Yeah, this post isn't exactly Bobby Lightfoot-friendly, what with all the implied desire for literal polesmoking and what have you...

Perhaps you'd rather ogle the twink-cum-Valkyrie in today's post?

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