"You're the racist. Not me, you."

Ore : 10:06 PM

Brad makes a funny

Ann gets upset

Worse yet, Gavin finds out!

Brad is forced to watch educational video starring Retardeau...

''And I suppose a black woman isn't supposed to be a doctor...''

''Perhaps you'd prefer something a little mo' like dis...''

Meanwhile, Ann's trauma drives her into treating the patriarchy to a ding-a-ling of her "liberty bell"

Brad comes around

Sort of.

Heartwarming, n'est pas?

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Comments for "You're the racist. Not me, you."
Ann the emu is on my poop list.

Get goin' on the meme....

Promises, promises turn to dust
Wedding bells just turn to rust
Trust into mistrust

Smoke em if you got em.

Oh God. I miss Strangers with Candy.

pinko: Ha! I think I'm on Yosef's, because I dared suggest NASCAR races are mostly-to-almost-exclusively white. Protect me, SATAN!

tbl: patience, my precious.

indy: Puffmore?

smarty: "Oh Daddy, what was going through your head... When those rabid dogs were gnawing on it?"

The thing about Strangers With Candy that made it so charming was the emphasis on family values and moral fiber. It was the kind of show that could be enjoyesd by children of all ages. An example- one of my favorite lines from the show..."My ass is hungry, baby."

exactly -- especially for malnourished Guatemalan orphans turned drug mules-cum-prostitutes.

yeah, that whole thingy over at sn! was a gas, wasn't it?

you've done what 144-odd plus comments couldn't babe! pat yrself on the back! or someone's butt!

I dared suggest NASCAR races are mostly-to-almost-exclusively white.

I can confirm that. I went to the race in Vegas last month. 140K in attendance, I counted five black people. One of them was my wife.

ron: okay? Thank you! Not that that isn't anecdotal evidence, something I chided Yosef AKA THYCWOTI for basing his argument on, but still...

Back in my youth, I used to write about sports, which indcluded not only activities where folks smack some sort of ball around, but also stuff like huntring, fishing (including grabbling) and, as it turns out, various forms of racing and motorcross. I used to write for a small-town newspaper in a small Florida county that had it's own oval track. I grew up in a town that had it's own drag strip. I've seen races at Talladega, Atlanta Motor Speedway and Daytona. I've worked in sports bars that had a large number of racing fans in the patronage. In short, even though I can think of at least a dozen more things right off the top of my head that I'd rather do than watch rednecks from North Carolina turn left for two hours, I've seen a metric shit-ton of racing.

I'm not saying you won't see not-white people at automotive races - in fact, one of my personal heroes is the first black NASCAR star, Wendell Scott - but they are few and far between. Like at a Hank Williams Jr. concert (of which I've seen three, once with Lynyrd Skynyrd), not-white people are conspicuous at such events by the very fact there'll be, like, four of them in a crowd of 15,000.

Doesn't really mean anything, course, just how it goes.

Sure. Fair enough. I hardly said here or at S,N! that NASCAR = appetizer to lynching.

What I find irksome is the insistence by some that it's an oh-so multi-culti event because the industry has taken the first, halting steps to reach out to other demographics (while trying not to turn off the good ole boys.)

PS Nice to meet you.

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