"Infant Mortality Is Hot"

Ore : 6:56 AM

Eeew!  Lepers!
Sure, why not?

I'm struck dumb. [Paging Dr. Norbizness! Dr. Norbizness to the ER!]


UPDATE: For perspective, casting that make slightly more sense:

"Oliver Stone taps Star Jones to play controversial drag star Divine"

"Director Jodie Foster begs Parker and Stone for rights to Eric Cartman to star in Star Jones biopic"

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Comments for "Infant Mortality Is Hot"
I knew Paris was Albanian!

oudok- the sound made when Paris kisses the devil

I need your email to send you something... ptroyer@gmail.com

That sounds like a really good idea. They should totally do that.

elmo: who knows who her mom slept with?

tbl: done. Is it a dirty something?

butchie: I knew you'd say that.

I'm waiting for someone to make a comment that this is as backhanded as an Indian director dare be -- a slap in the face perhaps.

can aif weigh in? almostinfamous???

This couldn't just be a ploy to get her on the casting couch could it?
  • Posted at 10:58 AM | By Anonymous yank in london

Who needs to get Hilton on the casting couch? I saw that video(well, parts of it), they were all over the place.

Awesome. Mother Teresa is going to rise up and slaughter everyone associated with that movie.

i like star jones i don't know why.
but i did almost pee my fucking pants when i heard about the paris shit, that is just WRONG.


Who's going to tell Paris where India is?

"Hilton's prior movie experience includes appearing in a home-made sex video made by a former boyfriend that appeared on the Internet..."

I love the guy that wrote that article!

The thing that's great about Paris & Mother Teresa is a. the could be twins b. they are both wholesome, intelligent classy women.

no way am i touching this. i've been trying to get my mind around it, and i have to say i can't. i just can't

cfbxu: the feeling you get when you encounter the end of the world as you know it

sideshow bob: liberal bias in the MSM.

butchie: I think Paris is slightly more wholesome -- bathroom stall has it that Mother T. did ATM.

between the title of the post and that pic of Divine, I can't stop laughing

ATM- NICE! You are an awful man. I love it. Next time I'm in Cali you and I are gonna do some blow off a stripper's ass; and if you're buying it can even be a male stripper.

Thank Butchie but you are tagged for the dirty meme on my blog

Teh, teh got tagged, by TBL. AG hearts that. I double dog dare you tag PP and Blue Girl with that one.

Can anyone tell me, when Mother T. was dying, did the lepers stop by now and again to bless her feet? I really need to know.

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