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Cuz I gotz ta work. Gimme gimme.

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Condi/Arnie '08: Sounds fabulous!


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D-Ho crack-den special: Shorter Heather MacDonald: "America should be more like those countries whose citizens flee them."

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I saw this years and years ago in Sacramento. Everyone cried. From the nastiest bully to the most sensitive, frail little girl -- a flood of tears.

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Assparrot has more on Dan Simmons's abortion of a story (can we still hold on to the faint hope that it's some sort of parody?) at his place. Read it.

(hat tip to
AIF in comments).

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Thank you for linky, but linky broken!

Also, if you go to Simmons' forum, he leaves a comment on the main thread about the story that leaves me doubtful it is a parody.


Ooh, snap -- fixeded it.

I am emotionless, ask Madamrouge.

Who needs emotions anyway Jimmy when we have Emoticons!!!! :)

Yep, that's really Condi - the bra size and the hand size give it away.

That is about the extent of her ability to discourse diplomatically as well. You know, with a sword and all.

I'll never forget visiting Anne Frankhuis.

Barbarian looks good on Condi.

Saw this and thought of you.


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