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What the hell, people?

Just last week, there was a county meeting where people hollered to the rafters about all the loose chickens out on the road -- they had become a hazard. No one wants to take responsibility, and the issue still simmers.

So I drop by the post office today to pick up the library mail, and what do I find? A FUCKING CHICKEN STANDING IN THE DOORWAY! Seriously, folks, there are feral cats and hungry drunks around. Your chicken will not live for very long if you do not pen it up. And if it causes a traffic accident, you are liable.

What was so creepy about this chicken was its behavior. I shooed it away from the door, hoping it would hop on home, but it went a little ways, and then came back. It just stood there at the door, like it was waiting for its master to emerge from the closed, empty back room.

Or maybe it thought the post office looked like a huge coop, and was all "so where the bangin' hens at, dawg?" Or something.

Fucking bizarre.

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Comments for CHICKENS!!!!
Chickens are social creatures. They don't do well alone. You should've taken it home and made a chicken pot pie out of it.

Geez, dude, I didn't know you lived in Dogpatch.

Chickens are retarded! and so is the person's teeth that posted before me. Kind of creepy looking teeth he has. *looks closer* My dog has better looking teeth then that.

Thanks, I painted them myself.

And you claim not to live in a "flyover" State!


New York is where I want to stay.
I get allergic smelling hay.

chickens are dangerous. especially ones that stand around post offices. and they are ridiculously territorial(at least that's what my chicken-farmin friend told me)

be glad you were not attacked. however, you should watch your back from now on.

Ahh, life in the big city!

Hey, maybe the chicken needed to mail a letter! :)


Update for those who care: apparently, somebody near the post office likes to come in and feed it when nobody is looking. I'm not the only one irritated by this...

I used to live next to this wingnut family in college. I had a house with a great big yard. Well, the nutters not only homeschooled their three kids in their 700 sq ft. home, they also raised chickens to eat. They were free roam chickens, i.e. roam onto my yard .

Well, after enough of the nutter's kids coming over and chasing chickens off the lawn, one of my other annoyed neighbors let his dog off the leash while they were on vacation. When they came home they had some nice news waiting for them.

Never saw another feather around those parts.

I bet that chicken was rabid.

But they are chickens. They are living creatures that need to be treated with respect. All animals should be able to live their lives without being put behind bars. And those rapists, they should be free to run around and do what they please as well.

Fry the chickes, hang the rapists.




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