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Sufjan Stevens, "The Man Of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts" -- And not through our ribcages! Sufjan gives a thoughtfully orchestrated meditation on the big S that could have been inspired by a pre-ball o' nuts Margot Kidder, has probably given Stuart Murdoch sweet pause, and, in light of history, is more than slightly touching. Lovely. 7.5/10

The New Pornographers, "Sing Me Spanish Techno" -- Sadly strikes me as a bit weaker as a single than "Twin Cinema" was. It coasts along. Still better than most of what's out there, and detracts not one whit from Dan Bejar's doability. 6/10

The Smiths, "William, It Was Really Nothing" -- Jangly, paint-by-numbers, carefully crafted not to upstage Morrissey's vocal acrobatics, yet mercifully short. Blah, blah, blah. 'S all right. 4/10

Guillemots, "Trains To Brazil" -- They've finally broken out, and at just the right time. I doubt there will ever be an actual glut of richly arranged and artfully performed pop music -- Belle & Sebastian, Sufjan, The Arcade Fire, et alia have not come close to filling this niche. I like this trend of bands that spend more than five minutes' thought on their songs getting more airplay. Pile it on, baby; horns and strings, horns and strings (and sure, why not, samples too)... 7/10

Bright Eyes, "The City Has Sex" -- Not Conor Oberst's strongest showing ; lyrically spot-on, musically, sort of filler. Meh. Well, it is still Bright Eyes filler. There's that. 5/10

The Gossip, "Standing In The Way Of Control" -- K Punk's (funny, I only guessed that was their label; turned out, I was right!) answer to the industry's recent spate of dance "punk". Low-budget yet soulful disco. I can shake my gorgeous butt to this. 7/10

Stems, "Don't Let Me" -- solid garage/rockabilly/vintage biker (with a hint of surfer) rock. I don't see what the big fuss about Black Rebel Motorcycle club is. As good a song as any to pound beer to. 6.5/10

Thunderclap Newman, "Something In The Air" -- A pop time capsule, this is one of those one-hit wonders (Pete Townshend's involvement notwithstanding) that illustrates the bridge artists built between 60s and 70s rock -- an example of how music was pushed along. A minor classic in its own right, and still fresh. 8.5/10

Hotel Lights, "AM Slow Golden Hit" -- A lovely if wistful make-out song. It glows like sunlight on honey, particularly in its production and Darren Jessee's deft, soft tenor. There's a hint of vintage Air (who themselves just ripped off 70s European and Brazilian lounge) in here that I like. 7/10

The National, "Mr. November" -- I've mentioned this song recently in one of my kulturkampf posts, but that's not enough. And neither, come to think of it, is this... A bracing meditation, drenched in tristesse. Written and performed with great heart. A must-download. Among my top five favorite singles right now. 8/10

BONUS: Gnarls Barkley, "Crazy" -- Fucking awesome. 70s soul meets Nina Simone meets Chemical Brothers at their finest. 'Nuff said. Download it NOW. 9/10

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Oh, Fine: I've been tagged by none other than Mrs. The Price Is Right AKA Peter...

Have you done heroin?
No, and I wouldn't think of stepping on Ally Sheedy's toes.

Have you done anal?
Does Elton John own a sequined poppers bottle?

Have you had a three way?
And then some.

Have you felched?
Uh, no.

Have you done it in a bar?
I think you'd get further asking me where I haven't done it.

Have you done coke?
Ah, Lexington Alley...

Have you done meth?
OhshitIhearthecops. Isthatthecopsman? Aw, fuck. Nononocheckthe p-p-peephole. Okaynowcheckagain...

What's the strangest thing you have stuck in your butt of vag or someone elses'?
A thermometer (a stranger object I maintain that a dick or a finger).

Have you eaten ass?
Please, language! We of the North American Rimmer's Association prefer the less loaded term, "tongue-fucking."

Have you ever puked while fucking?
No. Well, once there was this ancient Heritage Foundation fellow...

Have you ever pooped or peed on someone?
I peed on R. Kelly.

Have you masturbated in a public place?
Yes, and the desk sargeant was not amused.

No one else is being tagged with this. Filthy!

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Filthy. Just filthy.

Hell yeah, buddy!


smarty: thankee

butchie: you bet

tbl: so I didn't let a guy fuck me while I still had a goddamn grapefruit stuck up my butt. if that makes me boring, so be it...


Where are you, I'm bored

You LIE! You totally told me you're the World's Greatest Felcher. Was that just false advertising????

Ah, but IIRC, I said I have the t-shirt. But that is kind of like my t-shirt that says world's greatest uncle -- I am not an uncle.

Don't believe everything on the internets.

PS I don't felch. bUt I snowball.

what is snowballing? and is poodleballing anything?

also, teh, did I forward you something? did you get it?

Thanks for pre-empting a nice musical discussion with your 'bagging.

Sorry I miss your b-day. The AG baiting would have been more than worth it. Plus if WayWay came along, hugs and drugs.

I liked the Elton John crack.

I ditto Smarty's comments. You naughty boy. Though, I heard you and PP felched. Oh, did I say that?

And yes, AG baiting would have been fun.

AG baiting is pretty easy. She is such a predictable chick.

Pinko: A. snowballing
B. No, I did not get it. erniepook00 AT yahoo DOT com, right?
C. You can still discuss music. Feel free, poop-shooter!
D. No worries.

tw: ;)

chuckes & ag: "cheep-cheep" Yes, she is a easy-to-read barnyard animal, isn't she?

At the risk of sounding like a complete monster, the only thing on this même that truly grosses me out is the barfing part. I mean come on... if you're going to shag, at least have it "together" enough to not lose your cookies.


and no brown hanky stuff for rouge, either. Just thought I'd toss that in.

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