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One more thought on Katie Couric: Saw her attempting to flex her journalistic triceps opposite the usually execrable Tim Russert on The Today Show this morning, complete with Ashleigh Banfield glasses and the whole "I'm a serious talking head" scowl, perhaps trying to justify her kickin' new $100 million contract. And you know, she wasn't half bad.

It could be worse. They could have hired Matt Lauer.

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Vintage Hotties for Smarty:

Tyrone Power

Martin Milner

Pierre Jalbert

(a very young) Maximilian Schell Montgomery Clift (ooh snap -- thanks tbl)

Maximilian Schell

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Roll over Buffy:

I saw a trailer for this at the premiere of Snakes On A Plane.

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Such a disappointment: Dan Simmons, author of the clever and immensely enoyable Hyperion Cantos, has gone the way of Chaz Johnson and James Lileks before him. Before I even realized it (chapeau tip to Diane in S,N! comments), he had become a full-fledged, bed-wetting, sea-of-glass nutball. So sad.

Check out
this story, and replace "America" or "the West" with "the Hegemony", and "Muslims" with "Ousters," and you'll get a faint idea of how far down the rabbit hole this poor man has fallen...

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Abomination! The Christian Right, unsatisfied with ruining everything else in our country, decide to use that poor, noseless, one-eyed kitten as cannon fodder in the war on science and common sense. These people have no decency! They must be stopped! This is desecration!!! Poor kitty...

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Hot pics.

That picture of a "very young maximillian schell" is Montgomery Clift.

I can't believe someone finally took an undoctored photo of Michelle Malkin.

Very, very nice. = )

Teh, I'm getting a little addicted to your hottie pictures.

I'm gonna go look at them again now.

jimmy: thnx!

tbl: ooh, snap! corrected. blogger hates me.

brando: my only objective is objectivity. word.

smarty: you're welcome. and good, cuz I had to make a correction.

Correction rhymes with erection.

(Can you tell how bored I am right now?)

Darling, I put a couple hotties up for you. I figured it was the least I could do.

You horny slag.


teh is sweet and lovely.
  • Posted at 6:34 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

They say Katie will slip down to Mexico to get a gravitas lift.

Do you have any naked picture of Walter Brennen? He rook good to me.

anon: I am esp. so if you happen to look like Pierre Jalbert circa 1963.

ron: does that come with a breastesses reduction?

butchie: NON! But I bet I could find you pictures of old naked vagrants pissing outside of cop shops...

That's sexy...cause it's real.

teh teh! check out assparrot's place. he's got a screamer about dan simmon's glob of shite

ediknlb: the katie couric editorial style

Max Schell did a really good Hamlet once. Maybe it was Macbeth?

Poor lil Kitty. Why does that do anything for Creationism? If anything, I'd say it refutes it.

aif: thanks!

chuckles: That was hamlet. For German public TV. It was showcased on MST3K.

indygirl: OKAY??? THANK YOU!

But he was über sexy in Topkapi.

I thought malkin had bigger fangs.

Please tell me that was a doctored photo, and not actually a deformed kitten. I'm going to start crying...

elmo: trick of camera.

madame: it was real. hello, it was in the news and like all over the internets. where you been? now take your pills!

[guess who clicked on the link, and is now a complete mess]

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