Cuz I Gotz Shit Ta Do

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Go read Howard instead:

I don't understand the school playground of international politics sometimes. America says that the world should be more like them. Iran becomes more like America - led by a religious cabal, dangerous foreign policy, secretive about their true politics in an international arena - and suddenly America complains?

...even if it is nearly impossible to comment there. (Fix it, bitch!)

Oh, and just to get this nonsense out of the way:

Yeah, and Passover, too...

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Very dangerously bored now.

Don't work too hard.

I know I won't.



Oh, and can you tell I really love that font?

teh teh.

do you think VCD's would work for the indian stuff? they usually work on DVD players. i ask because the dvd revolution has not yet reached these shores.

qxuxoadn: quetzlcoatl's real and more unpronounceable name.

Consider it fixed, mofu!

i love easter.

I love Anya

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