Israeli Hotties For Smarty + Aimless Rant

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So Ahmadinejad, typical fundamentalist nutball that he is, has declared that Israel will be wiped out. Aside from the fact that this is doubtless so much specious red meat being thrown at his frothing-at-the mouth, jingoistic base, there's a less comfortable, but necessary thought to consider: That this really isn't America's problem.

Frankly, I'm at a loss to understand this notion, which has become ascendant with the American right wing's consolidation of its hold on government, that the Israelis are babes in the woods, incapable of the most rudimentary self-defense. It smacks of condescension. We're talking about a nation possessed of a spectacularly powerful military, which has resoundingly thwarted past aggression of such countries as Egypt, Syria, and Iraq. They don't need our help. Certainly, they don't need us to deploy nuclear weapons on their behalf -- they're more than capable of doing even that themselves. They might require our assistance (and would deservedly receive it, along with that of every other Western power) were the entire Middle East to turn on them at once, but really, how likely is that to happen?

Nor do I get this recent need among modern Republicans to conflate Israel's interests with America's. Certainly, there are overlaps, but Israel is not America. They are an ally. We must accept that at certain points, our paths necessarily diverge. I can't imagine anything more idiotic than allowing AIPAC exclusive rights to draft our foreign policy as it concerns Israel -- except maybe letting said policy be dictated by the thinly veiled apocalyptic wing of the Talibangelical Right.

Whatever. This rant is just an excuse to vent the new anti-Semitism, as the term has been, with some success, redefined to mean any and all criticism of the worst excesses of the hard right segment of the Israeli political scene, and those of their allies among America's republindependeconservatarians. Meaning, of course, if we are to defer to the vast intellects of such luminaries as Daniel Pipes and Jonah Goldberg, that if the recent election results are any indication, Israel has overnight become populated by a large plurality of Nazi sympathizers and self-hating Jews.

Whew, that felt better.

Of course, it might have been better had Mr. Goldberg's most recent tome, Liberals Hate Jews -- Really not featured on the cover the same image -- of a Hitler-moustached happy face -- as was printed even more recently on t-shirts worn by the Mary Kate and Ashley of the White Power music scene. I mean, talk about an awkward reminder of the political heritage one has allied oneself with...

Anyway, on with the hotties... From Israel!
Kosher *and* mouth-wateringly delicious
Say, baby, is that an uzi or... No, wait, clearly you're naked.

(And of course I cannot neglect my straight male readers...)
She can break your arm in three places.

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Comments for Israeli Hotties For Smarty + Aimless Rant
First off, the hotties. Who's the first guy? Very hot. = ) Thank you, as always, for brightening my Sunday.

Secondly, I think about how much radical fundamental Islamic crazies hate Israel in relation to their absolute need of Israel as a rallying point for their supporters. I dunno.

Anyway, good vent, Teh.

I guess my point is, if I have one, that we cannot release the hounds every time some fundamentalist goober squawks about DESTROYING TEH ISRAEL! And that a lot of the calls to man battlestations on their behalf by the American Right is so much disingenuous alarmism.

I mean, yeah, there are real threats to Israel. But for the most part, nothing that Israel cannot handle itself... Jus' sayin'.

"...the first one was too hard..."

"...and the second one was too soft..."

"..but the third one was just right!"

Absolutely. Israel is being used by both sides.

I'm wiped. Where did the weekend go?

I don't know where the weekend went, but I know where it came! ALL OVER MY PEEPS!

Israel is important (to nutbar American fundies) for the rapture.

I love an Israeli hottie. I know we love Smarty, but did you forget about your little AG?! And we all know why I love those hotties. (Well those who have seen the kosher kind).

HIM should be our new Monday: Hottie Israeli Mondays.

Criminy, I'd just about let those fellas airtight me to get to HER.

death to america

Oh bobby, you sure know how to fuel my fantasy life...

Not to mention that there are plenty of people (see random issue of Tikkun) who believe that the hardline approach in Israel - and U.S. support of same - is very much not in Israel's interest (or America's).

This debate has been hijacked in much the same manner as the Terror/Iraq War debate. Just as calling for less military intervention by the U.S. has been successfully* labeled anti-Troopism/Americanism, so has calling for more accomodation from Israel with the Palestinians been successfully** labeled anti-Semitism.

Which is my way of saying, megadittoes, teh.

*Though the success of this knne-jerk smear is obviously slipping.

**This one, not so much.

Hottie Nagila, Teh.


LOL at smartypants for putting the beefcake first, Middle East peace second. As it should be.

What drives me nuts is that the right takes an all or nothing approach to Israel, either exhibited in unvarnished LGF anti-Arab racism, or fancy National Review/Powerline anti-Arab racism.

The only sane solution means Israel stays and Palestine gets a room of one's own, too. I think Israel has as much a right to its land and a right to defend itself against fundy zealots who have decided that old people, children, and pets are equal members of the IDF and therfore military targets. But all the winking and nodding toward Israeli settlements for years also exacerbated the problem and created understandable mistrust among Palestinians.

But we should be spending our efforts trying to help them sort this out, not jumping in on one side. It's like Ireland -- we should be pushing for compromise, not supporting Protestants over those meddling Pope-worshipers.

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