Fragment II

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I was maybe eight years old when I first visited the Hazu Park Historical Midway and caught the most arresting bit of true-film documentary: an actual, full-color scene from an actual Old Earth "freeway," a stretch of pavement filled with rocky chips and lined with painted dots and reflective material. And on that freeway rolled, among other fantastical yet oddly unimaginative vehicles something labeled a "semi." Nothing I have seen in all my regrettable years resembles this semi as much as a Chang'an line-style comestibles freighter. At the front, there is an emitter grill (at least, I've told the grill emits something; I understand their technologies less than they understand ours) flanked by two large running lights, all of which is surmounted by two large windows -- the most generous part of a tiny crew cabin. The whole edifice as described forms a sort of face (viewports corresponding with eyes and so on...), one that seems to complain in silence, hard-used but used well, as the gestalt gives the impression that it has been used wisely. It complains, even as it exults in its own noble yet pissy way.

(please be advised that the portrayed language is subject to change at my whim...)

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Comments for Fragment II
Very succinct.

Succinct? He wasn't eight, it was last year and it was at some Cheeze-mo bar called, "Rico's" where they only play bad Barry Mantilow.

Cha Cha Cha...

Ooh snap.

BTW, for those of you who care, that was a Freedom Camp, non-jismsmoothie sudden fiction.

Thanks for the clarification. I actually Googled "Hazu Park Historical Midway" and came up with bupkus.

please stop with these. you are so much better, it's not even funny

You should have written about Hazu in the more traditional Haiku.

And here I was thinking it was an excerpt from some Aasimov book. Well done, dooderino.

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