Is's Mah Birfday!

Ore : 7:24 AM

Dun dada DAAAAAH!!!

Why, this margarine is fit for a queen!

Some of my presents:

Gossip: Standing In The Way of Control
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Show Your Bones
Deerpen: Wayward
Wolf Parade: Apologies To The Queen Mary
Neko Case: Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
Calexico & Iron And Wine: In The Reins
The Joggers: With A Cape And Cane
Brand new pair of tan Ben Davis Gorilla Cut slacks
Black, G.I.-style rucksack
Pair of jungle boots
New sewing kit
Cilantro, thyme and dill seedlings for my herb patch
New wheelbarrow
Pretty new pearl-button, snap-front western shirt
New axe
2006 fishing license with a 2-pole stamp
Box of shiny, shiny .45 cartridges
Oakland Raiders dog-collar (really for Sparky, but whatevs...)

And tonight I go to the casino buffet, where I be fixin' to set it off... Injun style, baby.

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Comments for Is's Mah Birfday!
No thome? I thought they would be some on this list, but sadly...

Chow down at the buffett.

happy yer gettin' old day!! that's a decent presents list - i don't think you've been good enough to deserve all that.

chuckles: only in my wet dream.

pop: after all that time I spent selflessly passing out penicillin to the San Pablo Ave. hookers you infected? For shame!

Happy birthing day.

Remember the cardinal rule of casino buffets -- select your food defensively. Just because they have a huge pile of crab legs doesn't mean you should too.

And double down on the cocktails!

Happy Birthday! Yes, I suggest mapping out the buffet and making a pro/con list of items you see. Hope you get sloppy!

Happy b-day. 29, right? It's not bad for at least the first half.

When you get to the Casino Buffet, be sure to set it off on both the right and the left. That'll get the party started quickly, right?

BTW, looking at your gifts, I'm inclined to believe you're half Ted Nugent.

H.B., bitch! Get over to my site for your gift.

And Yo-Yo, maybe you could stop by R.O.D. too. once in a while. We got a bolus full of junk, Res! That should be enough of a reason to stop by...

Happy Birthday!

I like that you like jungle boots.

And a new portrait from the Blogger Profile Studio!

Happy B-Day! Did you get your spankings yet?

AG, I try to every now and then, but I never know when it's going to be work-safe!

teh, the front page at 3B! is your bday present from me.

That's quite a hip party soundtrack ya got goin' there! Casinos and Calexico - that's a match made in heaven! Happy birthday!

happy "you weren't born on this date, but 9 months earlier when you got conceived" day!!

casino? leave the ammo at home.

happy birthday!



Happy Bday, girlfriend.


Happy fracking birthday. You're only as old as you feel.


Happy Belated Birthday!

I love Karen O! Happy B-day Teh Teh!

Sorry to be late to the party....happy birthday, Tina darling!

That's a good point, Yo Yo!

Hope didn't get the crabs at his "seafood" buffet

Wow. One week after the Queen, and the same day as Penélope Cruz, Saddam Hussein, and Jessica Alba. Woot!

Happy Birthday, Teh!

I get nothing. But, be warned. Mock our Head of State at your own peril. I think we all know what happened to that little chatterbox Diana.

dirty damn!

10 bazillion apologies for my being late to the thread.

Happy big fat fucking birfday teh!


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