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It was Spring 2003. IIRC, the invasion was not yet underway, but the war was pretty much moments from starting -- and the Bush boys were chomping at the bit. Donald Rumsfeld, for once his whiney petulance eclipsed by a flood of saliva, took to his Pentagon press conference with gleeful aplomb. I remember none of the questions but one, and that I may only paraphrase.

A reporter asked what was being done to prevent or mitigate civilian casualties. Or perhaps I embellish; perhaps he asked merely about civilian casualties in general.

At any rate, Rumsfeld's answer was to laugh. It was a low, cackling chuckle, and as if on cue -- or rather, command -- the generals around him, as well as his civilian underlings, echoed his sentiment.

Did I believe he was merely laughing callously and cavalierly at the idea of gutters limned with headless five year-olds? No. Rather, he is a Republican, a party that cannot communicate to the American people without the use of code words and dogwhistles, so that they may wear a veneer of moderation even as they reassure their extremist base (they're all Schwarzenegger until the votes are tallied, at which point they all become James Inhofe); Rumsfeld is also a Bush appointee, a vizier in a court where Newspeak is the lingua franca. His immediate thought was doubtless born of projection; he credited the reporter as some sort of fellow word mangler from the opposite camp, who had chosen to thrust with a rhetorical rapier, and thought "oh no, I see the trap there and you're not going to get me with that, ho ho ho." At that point, it was not about lives, but about supremacy in the sphere of public relations. He was laughing, I'm sure, merely to shrug off what he perceived not as a reporter's question, but as a liberal media agent's attack.

Regardless, on a more primal level, one can simply hear the question, and the response, and take that moment as a final confirmation that we are ruled not by lofty men, but by monsters -- gratuitously nasty, deeply stupid monsters.

Well, Dennis Miller might get a chuckle out of it, too...

This is actually a really funny joke, but you can't get it unless you're as smart as Ann Coulter...

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Ho, ho, ho.

Ann Coulter will fill us all in on the joke. I'm sure of it.

Ann can't fill anything other then maybe Jonah's doughy pants.

OT: I swear to all of you, as my witnesses, I saw J.G. at Harvard last night! I swear I did.

We were both in Harvard Yard. I almost said something, but like when I talked to the NY Yankee's pitcher one day in Westchester, what do you say to someone you have no use for? Um, you are a spoiled brat and mother should have raised a mensch? There's just no words.

with this cabal of clowns in charge, war is always moments from starting.

someone should round em up and take em to the hague after they are impeached

As far as pain goes...Ah, shit. I cant say it. But it involves Ann Coulter's anus and Jim Thome.

Ha ha ha ha ha....Ha? Ha?

Some people have a sick sense of humour.

It would be nice if the president used his awesome superpower -- looking into people's souls -- and tried it on his cabinet. Or himself, for that matter.

I suspect the search for souls in those corners would yield the same results as the search for WMDs.

And, as the president reminded us at the last correspondents' dinner, the lack of WMDs is hi-lar-i-ous!

Therefore, the lack of souls in his Cabinet is hilarious as well.


Its funny because...hmmm...because...OH!

They aren't American!

No, that sounds too insensitive and we need "allies"...

They aren't white?

No, we want the black vote...

They aren't actively in revolt against Saddam so they must be supporting him?

Hey, that sounds great!

That's a pic from the white phosphorous attacks right?

That shit made me sick to my stomach. Worst thing I've seen in a loooong time.

Fathers, mothers and children, burnt like they were dumped into a fucking deep fryer.

The army called it "Shake and Bake".

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