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Two ideas:

1. Should the May Day protesters wish to add a bit more punch to what the media have weirdly labeled their "Boycott," perhaps they could spend a day utilizing non-profits and government agencies: make or keep an appointment with a local immigration services counselor, (if you're searching for a job) visit the EDD, take public transportation, visit your local library, (if you're a citizen) send an e-mail or voice a concern to your elected representatives, pay a visit and make a donation to a non-profit elder day-care center. Such a movement might have the effect of not only showing how integral immigrants and naturalized citizens are to the U.S. economy, but how great a part they are of everyday life in this country. An added bonus (at least for the non-profits) would be that the added demand would help aforementioned agencies secure greater funding...

2. People opposed to vigilanteism on the borders should infiltrate the Minuteman project. If
David Neiwert's account is any indication, it's criminally easy to get a badge to one of their pathetic, armed tailgate parties. If you've got a look-out post that's pretty much out of eye- and earshot of your neighboring Minute Men, why not sneak out some water and provisions to those making the hazardous desert crossing? As a bonus, you can serruptitiously snap pics of whatever Nazi paraphernalia and examples of abuse of arrogated power you encounter.

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You tell 'em, Latoya.

I'm just waiting for the gay pr0n video featuring minutemen, and various scenes they stumble upon in the US southwest & Montana-Alberta border...

3. Teh, teh could visit RoD and see his little birthday present! It's buried now, love child!

Yeah, or they could all get together and make a giant USA shaped tostada to symbolize their collective love for our great nation. Then they could march on Washington and present the tostada to President Bush as a gesture of immigrationalism and national pridelism.


I vote for the tostada.

Those guys make the best mexican food!

I prefer chimichangas.

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