Don't You Wish Your Country Was Hot Like Me?

Ore : 12:01 PM

Don't you?

I love how over the past several years ours has turned into the kind of government that would send James Madison into apoplectic fits, and Tom Paine to Gitmo (and just you try writing something as wonderful as The Age of Reason when you've got a chemical lightstick up your bum).

Anyway, at least we're all over the E3 Booth Babes AKA The Satanic She-Beast Sluts From Hell. Because there's no quicker way to sink a nation than to unleash gazongas for marketing purposes.

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Comments for Don't You Wish Your Country Was Hot Like Me?
Thanks for the Paine link! I'll read the whole thing this time.(I had better things to do in high school)

I think I found a band I like that you will too...maybe not, what the hell, it is Opposite Day

"I had not finished it more than six hours, in the state it has since appeared, before a guard came about three in the morning, with an order signed by the two Committees of Public Safety and Surety General, for putting me in arrestation." This was on the morning of December 28.

Elmo was born December 29th...

Dude, teh, they are called gonzagas.

Get it right.

If they continue this to other industries, how will any female drug reps sell any drugs?

Hello?! Like Mary M. from the oh so hugged and beloved Repubican nutter's bible --- sex sells baby!

crackin my ass up!

I had just gotten through forgetting that song, now I must pound another nail into my head.

Ahh, much better. Sweet, sweet brain damage.

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